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Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation located in Southern Africa; relatively untouched by tourism, it offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable safari. Emerging from a difficult political period, the people of Zimbabwe are keen to encourage tourism and to showcase their country’s beautiful range of landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities.

One of Zimbabwe’s best locations for a safari is Mana Pools National Park. A famous UNESCO World Heritage site, Mana Pools National Park is situated in the northern-most reaches of Zimbabwe. It is part of the Lower Zambezi region, which after each rainy season turns into a wide span of lakes. This area attracts a lot of wildlife as, once the rain dries up, many large species flock here in search of water. Wildlife that can be seen around this area includes elephant, impala, buffalo, zebra and monkeys as well as myriad exotic birds such as lilac breasted rollers and carmine bee eaters. Predator species such as lion, leopard, cheetah and painted wolves (wild dog) are all found on these floodplains, but are seen less often, especially if you are on foot.

Another attractive place to visit in Zimbabwe is Lake Kariba. Sourced by the Kariba Dam, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world and is set against a backdrop of wild, jagged peaks in the remote wilderness of the North West of Zimbabwe, on the border with Zambia. The section of Lake Kariba on Zimbabwean territory has been named a recreational park. Whilst at Lake Kariba there is much to see and do. There are plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities on games drives and boat trips out onto the Lake itself are the perfect way to experience a magical African sunset.

You can experience the many natural attractions of Mana Pools National Park and the beauty of Lake Kariba on our Mana Pools Walking Safari & Lake Kariba trip.

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