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Annapurna & Everest in Style          

Bistarai, bistarai

Bistarai, bistarai - our guide's words as we set off to climb the steep and rugged paths towards Tyengboche at altitude. It worked - the slowly, slowly pace helped us acclimatise and ensured that we enjoyed all the sensory experiences that a trek like this can offer. We gained a precious and tiny insight into life in a wholly different country from our own and were changed by that experience. Unforgettable!

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

Langtang & the Laurebina La Trek

Good route - lots of variety - scenic, ethnic and walking

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

Langtang & the Laurebina La

We felt we always had excellent care throughout the trip.

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

This was an excellent trekking experience

The combination of high mountain experience in Langtang and Laurebina La, with the slower paced but just as strenuous trek in Helambu, was ideal.

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

It was a wonderful trek

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trek to anybody. I'm already planning my return to Nepal with HK (now MK).

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

Langtang Trek

I've trekked many times in Nepal and elsewhere - this was by far the most well organised.

Langtang & the Laurebina La          

I really enjoyed this holiday

Excellent route through spectacular scenery and interesting villages. The leader was excellent, informative and helpful. Because it was such a small group we got to know the porters too. Really great experience. Also liked trekking where there weren't too many other people, especially during second half of trek.

Druk Path Trek          

An unforgettable journey on the Druk Path Trek

This holiday has been unique and special in so many ways... from visiting beautiful monasteries and dzongs, sharing the Druk Path Trek with the friendly nomadic dogs, to experiencing four seasons in one day and camping in snow at night! The hot water bottles and hearty food were much appreciated! I am only sorry I could not have stayed longer and will definitely find a way back one day....

Gentle Walking Bhutan          

I had a seriously good time on this trip!

Personally the trip exceeded expectations in terms of accommodation, comfort, food etc and every day was just excellent. Bhutan has been a dream for a long time, and I was just in awe of the scenery, the wonderful people and all the special experiences.

Gentle Walking Bhutan          

Gentle Walking Bhutan

This trip was well structured to provide a very interesting look at a beautiful country. The balance of culture, hiking and being in nature, culminating in the Paro festival and ascending the Tiger's Nest monastery worked well. The walks were challenging but provided the perfect build up to Tiger's Nest.

Namun La, Annapurna Wilderness Trek          

Namun La, Annapurna Wilderness Trek

It's incredible that a trek so close to the Annapurna Circuit feels so incredibly remote. After you leave the village of Siklis on day 1 of the trek, you really are in wilderness terrain, where you are unlikely to see a soul until you reach Timang at the end. This ancient trading route has fantastic scenery throughout, with many snow-capped Himalayan peaks, a dramatic high pass nearly 5,000m high, a holy lake that pilgrims visit in the summer and fine rhododendron forests. We saw snow leopard prints in the snow descending from the pass in 2017.

Gentle Walking Ecuador & Galapagos Cruise          

Many walks on the wild side

What a great holiday! There were just the two of us for the walking in Ecuador so it felt like a private holiday. Whilst a bit damp at times, we enjoyed two different out of the way hotels near Otavalo and some quite challenging but brilliant walking - our guide knew all the birds and flowers. And the Galapagos. Totally unforgettable. The 20 passenger boat was an ideal size and all the passengers got on. We had an exceptional guide and the communications blackout for a week just added to the experience. A truly memorable holiday!

Dagana Wilderness Trek          

New off the beaten track Dagana Wilderness Trek

This is an exciting new trek that has great contrast in scenery and terrain - from crossing snow-covered passes over 4,000m and gazing at fantastic views of Mount Chomolhari and Kangchenjunga, to descending through the forest with an abundance of birds and wildlife. Dagana is a place totally so you have a real feeling of pioneering on this trek.

Gentle Trekking & Luxury Lodges, Annapurna Foothills          

Fantastic trek in the Annapurna foothills

Wow what a holiday we loved every second of it. We have to admit that there were more steps than we thought but our family party of four all mid sixties plus managed it well. Everything exceeded our expectation and all ran smoothly like a well oiled machine. Hotels, lodges and staff were fantastic. A special mention must go to the porters who not only carried the luggage of two people but were so attentive in keeping us safe and helping us all when the path became a little more challenging. We cannot recommend the holiday enough and it has given us the appetite to choose another adventure now with Mountain Kingdoms.

Gentle Trekking & Luxury Lodges, Annapurna Foothills          

Gentle trekking with luxury lodges

A wonderful experience showing many facets of life in Nepal

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

We had a great time!

The trip overall was most enjoyable and Uganda is a destination that pleased beyond expectation.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

An excellent holiday, the best I've had for a long while!

The itinerary was excellent. We saw and did so much in the 2 weeks - birds, animals, varied and amazing scenery, plus the highlight was sitting about 2 metres from a gorilla. Most days was packed with activity, which I really enjoyed as I want to see/do as much as possible when I travel.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

Gorillas, game, grand scenery, it doesn't get better than this.

A wonderful holiday which showcased the diversity of wildlife, birds, landscape and flora that Uganda has to offer. Savannah, rainforest, mountain, lake, all in a country the size of the UK. Almost every day had a highlight, Murchison Falls, the crater lakes, 4 out of the big 5, spectacular scenery and then there were gorillas. My personal favourites were seeing a leopard close up, Murchison Falls, L Mutanda with the Virunga volcanoes as a back drop and being up close and personal with a Silverback gorilla. If anything, this holiday was several holidays in one.

Husky Sledding Arctic Adventure, Finland          

Husky Dog Safari

As returning customers to Mountain Kingdoms we were delighted with this holiday. Our guide, Katrin was amazing and nothing was too much trouble for her, she worked really hard. We had very cold but clear weather and were pleased at the equipment provided. Cooked lunches in the snow and excellent dinners.The cabins soon became very toasty with the wood stoves and saunas provided a true Finnish experience.The dogs were amazing and looking after them was a great part of the holiday.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Cardomom Mountain Trails

The whole Cambodia experience was exceptional and provided an intimate insight into the lives of its people, the wildlife, villages, landscape, history and culture as well as its shortcomings and problems. Mountain Kingdoms and their Cambodian partners are to be highly commended on producing such a beautifully balanced trip with so much packed into a short period of time without the group members feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The hotels were outstanding and the staff and guides gracious, helpful, patient and so very friendly as were other Cambodians we met. It was touching to be often thanked for visiting their country.

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