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Bordered by France and Spain deep in the Pyrenees mountains, Andorra is one of Europe’s tiniest hidden gems. For size comparison it’s around a third of the size of London making it the 6th smallest country in Europe. Though the population is only 79,300 it’s estimated to attract around 10 million tourists each year, drawn by some of Europe’s best ski slopes, pristine mountain landscapes and the warm summer climate. Due to its renowned reputation for ski resorts Andorra experiences peak tourism during the winter months leaving the mountain ranges still feeling relatively undisturbed and serene during the summer time.

The Coronollacs Circuit also known as ‘The crown of the lakes’ is set to rival Europe’s famous mountain circuits uncovering the hidden charms of the Eastern Pyrenees including Madriu Valley-Perafita-Claror Natural Park - a UNESCO Heritage Site which is just one of Andorra’s three Natural Parks. This particular park covers 9% of the whole of Andorra and provides an insight into Andorran history featuring restored shepherd cabins, stone tracks and even evidence of iron smelting dating back to the 13th century. The park is of course widely recognised for its captivating scenery full of dense greenery and magnificent views. Walking through Madriu Valley has been described as feeling like walking through an ‘enchanted forest’.

Although it stands at the 16th smallest country in the world Andorra isn’t short of interesting history and culture. There is plenty to admire beyond the mountain passes and lakes including preserved Romanesque churches, museums, great bars and restaurants where you can try cuisines closely influenced by Catalonian culture.

If you are interested in exploring Andorra we have created a five day walking holiday that takes you along the most scenic sections of the the Coronollacs Circuit. For a detailed itinerary, departure dates and prices see Walking in Andorra - the Coronollacs Pyrenees

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