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What makes Bhutan so special?

Bhutan treks, walking holidays and cultural tours offer a unique insight into the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, the most mysterious of all the Himalayan Kingdoms.

Bhutan trekking or tours will take you on a journey through the country’s ancient history. It is a story of a struggle for power up until the late 19th century when the old orders were swept away and a hereditary monarchy was established in Bhutan. Treks and tours through the spectacular, country are the best ways to explore Bhutan - one of the most fascinating places on earth.

With its spectacular location nestled in the Himalaya between Tibet and India, our Bhutan trekking trips, walking holidays and cultural tours will take you into one of the most intriguing countries of the modern world. As well as awe-inspiring mountain vistas, a Bhutan trek will afford you the opportunity to experience first hand the legendary hospitality and open hearted happiness of the local people.

For an authentic taste of culture, a Bhutan trekking holiday or tour can coincide with one of the country’s colourful Budddhist festivals, and you can become a part of one of these unforgettable celebrations. Our tours include gentle strolls with plenty of time to enjoy the traditional culture and heritage for which Bhutan is renowned. You will spend time with local weavers in their own homes and explore the dominating monastery-fortresses (dzongs) present in many towns and villages. The Himalayan valleys are also home to some unique and fascinating flora and fauna which our Bhutan treks and tours will give you the opportunity to observe.

Bhutan Holidays - Walks, Treks & Tours


Timeless traditions, unique architecture and stunning Himalayan scenery combine to make Bhutan the most fascinating of all the Himalayan kingdoms.

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Cultural Cycling Tour of Bhutan Festivals

18 day Moderate Cycling Tours
Cultural Cycling Tour of Bhutan
New for 2019
  • Climb stunning passes and be rewarded by exhilarating descents
  • Ride from Paro to Bumthang on a tremendously varied route
  • Visit villages, dzongs and the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Join the celebrations at a Bhutanese festival

Flight inclusive from £4,185, Land only from £3,335


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