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What makes Bhutan so special?

Known as the ‘Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon’ by its people, Bhutan is a beautiful and profoundly spiritual country with striking mountains, vibrant Buddhist festivals and a fascinating traditional way of life. Whether you go on a cultural tour of Bhutan or a trekking holiday into its hidden valleys, Mountain Kingdoms is the Himalayan specialist with the expertise to give you an unforgettable experience and offers the very best cultural tours of Bhutan, trekking holidays and tailor made holidays to Bhutan in 2023 and 2024 and beyond.

Our walking and trekking tours in Bhutan will take you deep into the isolated mountains and valleys of the country. Our high mountain treks focus on trekking amidst the highest peaks and passes in Bhutan; other trekking holiday routes stray off-the-beaten-track, following old trade and smuggling routes rarely visited by foreigners.

Tours in Bhutan typically revolve around one of the country’s many fascinating Buddhist festivals with amazing displays of national celebration and religious devotion. Our Bhutan tours also give you a unique opportunity to visit remote villages and experience the traditional Bhutanese way of life.

Whatever you want from your visit to this unique country, Mountain Kingdoms will have a trek or tour for you, and, if we don’t, we can always help you to design your own! Alongside our standard itineraries, we also offer Tailor Made holidays to Bhutan, allowing us to create the perfect trip to suit your needs. Whether you take a trekking holiday along Bhutan’s ancient trade routes, climb the highest mountains, explore remote villages or take a tour of Bhutan’s main cultural centres and sights, a trek, tour or Tailor Made holiday in Bhutan will take you right to the heart of the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon.

Mountain Kingdoms has been organising cultural tours and walking and trekking holidays to Bhutan for more than 30 years, so we know the country inside out.

Bhutan Holidays - Walks, Treks & Tours

Bhutan Holidays - Walks, Treks & Tours

Timeless traditions, unique architecture and stunning Himalayan scenery combine to make Bhutan the most fascinating of all the Himalayan kingdoms.

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10 Holidays

Tiger's Nest Trek, Bhutan & Kathmandu Valley Trek, Nepal Festivals

16 day Gentle / Moderate Walking & Trekking

Tiger's Nest Trek, Bhutan & Kathmandu Valley Trek, Nepal Save £150 - November departure
  • A three day trek between villages and temples along the ridgeline of the Kathmandu Valley
  • Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims on the trail to the sacred temple of Namo Buddha
  • An overnight camping trek in Bhutan to reach Taktsang Monastery
  • Time to explore the heritage towns of Bhaktapur, Dhulikel and Panauti in Nepal
  • Gentle walks in Bhutan and the cultural highlights of Paro, Punakha and Thimphu
  • All the colour and celebrations of a traditional Bhutanese festival

Flight inclusive from £4245, Land only from £3170

Trans Bhutan Trail - Western Highlights

14 day Moderate Walking & Trekking

  • Walk and trek the best sections of the western end of Bhutan's new long-distance trail
  • Experience traditional rural life, ancient cultural sights and beautiful scenery
  • Avoid the toughest climbs of the trail with a carefully selected itinerary
  • Visit Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger's Nest, and Punakha Dzong

Flight inclusive from £4485, Land only from £3190

Mount Chomolhari & Lingshi Bhutan Festivals

17 day Vigorous / Strenuous Walking & Trekking

  • A fully supported, well-paced trek with excellent acclimatisation
  • Trek to the Base Camp of Mount Chomolhari and return via the high pass of the Yeli La
  • Join the celebrations at the Chomolhari Mountain Festival (October departure)
  • Walk to Taktsang Monastery and sightseeing in Thimphu
  • Enjoy first-rate camping facilities on trek and good quality hotels in Bhutan and Kathmandu

Flight inclusive from £5265, Land only from £3995

Gentle Walking Bhutan Festivals

15 day Gentle Walking & Trekking

  • Explore the cultural highlights of Bhutan including iconic Taktsang Monastery and Punakha Dzong
  • First-rate accommodation in Bhutan using comfortable hotels and lodges
  • Relax at Dwarikaâs hotel in Kathmandu â a unique heritage property
  • Excellent and varied programme of gentle walks
  • Join the flamboyant celebrations at a Bhutanese festival

Flight inclusive from £5100, Land only from £4020

Druk Path Trek Festivals Great Treks of the world

14 day Moderate Walking & Trekking

  • Trek one of Bhutan’s oldest trails with wonderfully varied scenery and superb mountain views
  • Walk to the fabled Tiger’s Nest Monastery and visit Punakha Dzong
  • Explore the key cultural sights of Thimphu and the Paro Valley
  • Attend a festival (on selected departures)
  • Enjoy first-rate camping and well-appointed hotels

Flight inclusive from £4410, Land only from £3290

Lingshi Laya Trek Bhutan

20 day Strenuous Walking & Trekking

  • Spectacular scenery from start to finish
  • Spend time in the remote mountain village of Laya
  • Enjoy first-rate camping facilities on trek
  • Attend the Chomolhari Mountain Festival on our autumn departure
  • Look for rare tigers in the high mountains where the BBC filmed âLost Land of the Tiger'

Flight inclusive from £6090, Land only from £4755

Gentle Walking Eastern Bhutan

19 day Gentle Walking & Trekking

  • Explore the spectacular and little visited hill-top towns and temples of east Bhutan.
  • Join the celebrations at a vibrant Bhutanese festival.
  • Visit the picturesque village of Ura and stay in a traditional farmhouse for one night.
  • Cross the high Thrumshing La on an exciting drive to Mongar.
  • Enjoy gentle walks in the beautiful valleys around Bumthang.

Flight inclusive from £5800, Land only from £4850

Hidden Valleys of Bhutan Community Treks

16 day Gentle / Moderate Walking & Trekking

  • Spend three nights in approved farmhouse homestays to experience the lives of the local people.
  • Trek for two days on the Bumdra Trek to reach celebrated Taktsang Monastery.
  • Enjoy varied and interesting day walks.
  • Discover the beautiful 'hidden' valleys of Phobjika and Haa.
  • Join the festivities at a Bhutanese tsechu.

Flight inclusive from £4910, Land only from £3635

Lunana Snowman Trek Bhutan Adventure Special

36 day Strenuous Walking & Trekking

  • The classic Snowman trek with a superb hike out through uncharted terrain
  • Travel with a highly experienced Mountain Kingdoms leader supported by a Bhutanese guide and crew
  • Excellent acclimatisation with carefully placed rest days in the best locations for exploration
  • Sightseeing in Paro and Punakha including the walk to Tiger's Nest Monastery
  • Two nights getting to know the people of Laya with their unique dress and cultural traditions
  • First-rate camping on trek and a four-star hotel in Kathmandu

Flight inclusive from £13815, Land only from £12490

Rodang La Trek, Eastern Bhutan Festivals

20 day Vigorous / Strenuous Walking & Trekking

  • Trek along an ancient trading route in a remote, beautiful and culturally fascinating area of eastern Bhutan
  • Keep watch for yetis near the Rodang La - a traditional haunt of this most elusive of creatures
  • See numerous varieties of colourful and exotic birds in one of the world’s birding hotspots
  • Walk to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the most spectacularly located in all Bhutan
  • Visit many of the dzongs, temples and other key cultural attractions of eastern Bhutan
  • Join the celebrations at a traditional Bhutanese festival

Flight inclusive from £6340, Land only from £5295

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The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan in the eastern Himalaya, has successfully remained isolated from the outside world for many centuries. It is a land of supernatural legends, ancient monastery fortresses and, even today, the Bhutanese people live their lives according to time-honoured cultural traditions and deeply held Buddhist beliefs.

Our Definitive Cultural Tour of Bhutan will take you 'under the skin' of Bhutanese society into the interior of the Thunder Dragon kingdom. You’ll have the chance to visit villages, monasteries and any festivals that may be taking place. You can also discover the Kingdom on two wheels on our Cultural Cycling Tour of Bhutan.

The hills and valleys of Bhutan offer a superb range of walking and trekking tours with paths that will take you to secluded villages, past crumbling temples and through deep forested valleys. For easy-paced walking holidays that combine superlative scenery with visits to the key cultural sights our Gentle Walking Bhutan or Gentle Walking Eastern Bhutan won't disappoint.

For more energetic exertions, Bhutan offers a full range of trekking experiences. The Druk Path Trek makes an excellent first Bhutan trekking holiday taking you through magnificent mountain country between Paro and Thimphu. You can also trek into the Hidden Valleys of Bhutan - spending some nights in traditional farmhouse homestays for a really authentic experience.

For the serious trekker, the high mountains of Bhutan provide a magnificent and rewarding challenge. The base camp at Mount Chomolhari is a great first objective, but push on over high passes on our Lingshi Laya Trek and you will reach the remote villages of Lingshi and Laya where you’re sure to get a warm welcome. And, if you’re feeling extra adventurous then the Lunana Snowman Trek is undoubtedly the ultimate Himalayan trekking challenge. You can also embark on a journey of discovery on our Rodang La Eastern Bhutan trekking holiday that ventures into the least visited areas of Bhutan following an ancient trading route.

From gentle walking and easy-paced tours to a challenging trek, Bhutan rewards all visitors with a wonderful holiday.

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Key Facts

  • Capital city: Thimphu
  • Arrival airport: Paro
  • Population: 819,000 (approx. 2018)
  • Area of country: 38,394 sq km, 14,824,006 sq mi
  • Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum
  • Time difference: GMT plus 6 hours
  • Popular dishe/s: Ema Datsi (Chillies and cheese)
  • Popular drink/s: tea (ngad-ja), bang chhang (homebrew beer), arra (rice spirit)
  • Power supply: 220 – 240 volts
  • Sockets: Mainly 2-pin round although you may also find 3-pin round or UK style sockets
  • Official language: Dzongkha
  • Religion: Buddhist 75%, Hinduism 25%
  • Did you know? The strange looking takin is the national animal of Bhutan.
  • Visa: British visitors to Bhutan require a visa. Mountain Kingdoms obtains visas on behalf of their clients travelling to Bhutan.
  • FCDO advice: FCDO travel advice


When is the best time to travel to Bhutan?

The best time to visit Bhutan is in the spring and autumn. In the spring months of March, April and May you are likely to see blue skies and warm sunshine in the mornings with a build-up of cloud in the afternoon. During the spring months the beautiful rhododendron and magnolia will be in full bloom bringing a wealth of colour to many walking trails. Temperatures can be hot when the sun is out so we would advise wearing sunscreen and a sunhat – especially at higher altitudes. The Paro festival is also held in the spring at Paro Dzong and many of our group holidays include a visit to the festival.

Autumn is considered to be the very best time to visit Bhutan. At this time of the year skies are generally clear with little cloud and rain and the temperatures are lovely and warm; ideal weather for walking or trekking in Bhutan. With the passing of the summer rains, the valleys are lush and verdant and many of Bhutan’s unique species of flora can be seen at their best. Autumn is also the season when the impressive Thimphu tsechu is held.

For more information about Bhutan’s festivals, and when they are held see our festival blog. Some of our group holidays are timed to festivals and we can also organise a Tailor Made holiday to include time at a tsechu.

In winter in Bhutan, the days are generally dry, clear and bright, though the evenings will be cold, and high passes can be blocked by snow. Although a high-altitude trek may not be possible, winter can be a great time to visit Bhutan on a cultural tour or gentle walking holiday, as there are fewer tourists. Bhutan is also a great option for those looking to book a Christmas getaway.

It is possible to travel to Bhutan throughout much of the year, but as our climate charts indicate, the summer months are the monsoon season so the weather is hot and humid with heavy rainfall. We therefore don’t organise any of our group holidays to depart in June, July or August.

It should be noted that the great variations in elevation in Bhutan have a significant impact on temperature and rainfall. The lower altitudes in the south of the country bring a more tropical climate with the greatest precipitation. Whilst the Himalayan north is colder all year round and the highest peaks permanently covered in snow. Even in the central region of Bhutan, where most tourists visit, the higher you are the cooler it will feel. We therefore recommend carrying a couple of additional layers with you, including a good waterproof, windproof jacket, especially if you are out walking.

Whatever time of year you choose to travel to Bhutan we have a comprehensive range of small group tours, treks, walking and cycling holidays, or we can create the perfect Tailor Made Bhutan holiday for you.

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