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The Legend of Meme Haylay Haylay

As has already been established, Bhutan is renowned as being the happiest country in Asia. However, it is less clear how those who are in Bhutan trekking can go about finding said happiness. This is where the legend of Meme Haylay Haylay comes into play.

Meme Haylay Haylay was a poor man who once lived in Bhutan. One day, whilst digging a meadow he came across a large piece of turquoise stone, almost too big for one man to lift but certainly big enough to make him a wealthy man. Placing the turquoise in his basket he began his journey home, but it was not long before he came across a man with a horse. Stopping to talk to the horseman, Meme Haylay Haylay told him of the turquoise that he had found, and asked him if he would be willing to trade the priceless stone for the seemingly worthless horse. The owner of the horse could not believe his ears and traded happily, leaving Meme Haylay Haylay to go on his way.

A little further down the road, Meme Haylay Haylay came across a man leading an ox, and to the owner’s disbelief he asked if he would also like to trade. This continued until Meme Haylay Haylay had bartered his ox for a sheep, his sheep for a goat and his goat for a rooster. When he was almost home with his rooster, he came across a man who was singing.  Enraptured by the song, he asked the man to teach him to sing in return for his rooster. Upon learning the song, Meme Haylay Haylay felt not just the most successful businessman, but also the happiest man in the whole of Bhutan, trekking home singing merrily. So, whilst you’re in Bhutan trekking, though you might not fancy bartering your walking boots along the way, you might just feel the same sense of freedom that Meme Haylay Haylay did.

And that may well be the first step to the happiness - for which Bhutan is famous.

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