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Mount Kailash Trek

The images in this montage were taken by Peter and Beth Bennion and their friends when they trekked to Mount Kailash with Mountain Kingdoms on a tailor made holiday.

Kailash is one of the holiest mountains in the world, revered by Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bon-pos as the physical and spiritual centre of the universe. Over the centuries pilgrims have constantly journeyed immense distances to circuit the base of Kailash (a kora) in order to achieve enlightenment or cleanse themselves of sin; braving enormous distances, harsh weather and bandit attacks. Completing your own Kora, in the company of pilgrims, is therefore an immensely rewarding, humbling and spiritually uplifting experience.

On this trek you will be overwhelmed with the colour, sound and scent of the sacred iconography and religious symbolism that surrounds you. Brightly coloured paintings adorn the walls of temples and prayer flags flutter from chortens or lay scattered en masse across the trekking path. Prayer wheels spin in the breeze and mani stones and carved horns mark the route. Pilgrims of all ages walk or pray wearing their colourful traditional dress, leaving offerings and lighting incense sticks and butter lamps as part of their devotions.

The kora of Kailash takes 4 days to complete although some pilgrims complete the 56km circuit in a single day. Supported by yaks, 4 days allows for a steady pace, good acclimatisation and ample time to enjoy the stunning views of Kailash and absorb the unique trekking experience. Nights are spent camping with good quality equipment and a first-rate service at campsites along the route.

Before the Kailash trek, you will travel to Lake Manasarovar located in west Tibet between Kailash and the Gurla Mandhata mountain range. It is another sacred place of pilgrimage where you can enjoy walks along the tranquil shores of the lake and visit several important monasteries.

For a full itinerary, departure dates and prices see Mount Kailash Trek.

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