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We have inspirational videos for many of our destinations, although sadly not all of them just yet.

Easter Island & Mainland Chile

Our MD, Steve Berry, fulfilled a long-held ambition in March 2014 when he finally got to travel to Easter Island. Steve had become fascinated by the mysteries of Easter Island after reading Thor Heyerdahl’s book, Aku Aku, at the age of 14. Steve says that the book left an absolutely indelible mark and he vowed that one day he would visit the island to see the giant statues for himself. This video taken by Steve during his trip is an introduction to the walking holidays we run to this very remote and mystical part of the world.

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, over 2,000 miles from mainland Chile, Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) really is a long way from anywhere. It’s also a place unlike any other, for nowhere else in the world will you find examples of Moai – the incredible stone statues that populate the landscape of Easter Island.

Almost 900 Moai have been discovered in various states of repair, and you will see many of these during your time on Easter Island. The Moai stand on sacred stone platforms called ahu and the itinerary of this holiday has been carefully designed to visit a varied selection of ahu across the island to give an in-depth insight into the history and theory surrounding the creation, transportation and role of the Maoi. Accompanied throughout by expert guides, you will also learn much about the Rapa Nui people – their lifestyle and their eventual decline.

As this video illustrates, your exploration of Easter Island isn’t limited to Maoi sites, for you will also walk to the summit of extinct volcanoes, trek along the island’s rugged, volcanic coastline, relax on isolated beaches and enter hidden caves that abound with fascinating myths and legends. You will have a free day at the end of your trip when you can enjoy some optional activities such as cycling, horse riding and scuba diving.

You can visit Easter Island for yourself on our Easter Island & Patagonia walking holiday or combine this with an exploration of the Atacama Desert.

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