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Youngest Meets Highest

It seems every month there are records being broken on the summit of the world’s highest mountain these days. When questioned as to why he wanted to climb Everest in 1924, British explorer George Mallory famously replied, “because it’s there”; flippant maybe, but with the queue of celebrities and wannabe record-breakers lining up to try their luck against the mountain, perhaps “because I can” may be the next famous catchphrase to emerge from the snowy peaks of the Himalaya.

The latest inspiring record-breaker comes in the form of 13 year-old Jordan Romero. We mentioned him in a previous post as he made his way from Everest Base Camp, trekking up to Camp 1 and by now, most of the world will know that he successfully made it to the summit, claiming the title of the youngest person ever to conquer Mount Everest.

Although admitting the climb was much harder than he had anticipated, this remarkable young man said that the feeling he had at the top of the world was “like no other – the time of our lives”. On his return to Everest Base Camp, trekker Jordan spoke to the world’s media with all the assurance of a seasoned pro and, even in his exhausted state, reiterated the goal he has had since he was nine years of age; to summit the highest peaks on all seven continents.

You go Jordan; seems the highest is no match for the youngest.....

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