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Great British Beach clean up

By Mountain Kingdoms in Europe - 04th July 2014

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Ashley during the beach clean in Brighton

So it’s finally summer and Britain has recently been enjoying some rare sunshine. The glorious weather has brought people in their thousands to Britain’s beaches for some sun, sea and sand! We all jump at the chance to get outdoors and onto the beach for a swim, BBQ and a tan top up, but unfortunately with this comes a lot of litter which is left behind, spoiling it for other beach goers and more importantly, the environment!

Yesterday Mountain Kingdoms' Marketing Manager Kerry and I spent a day away from our desks to dedicate our time to help clean up Britain's beaches. We visited Hove beach in Brighton where we teamed up with other tour operators, The Travel Foundation, AITO and the Marine Conservation Society for a beach clean-up event. In the space of 45 minutes we helped to collect a staggering amount of over 1,000 pieces of litter on just a 100m stretch of Hove beach! Upon first sight it wasn’t obvious that the beach was littered with rubbish, but on closer look it is mostly full of very small pieces, most of which was plastic. Interestingly, plastic makes up for 60% of rubbish found on the beach, and it is a material that will never fully degrade. In many years to come we could be sunbathing on beaches of fine plastic!

Marine Conservation Society regularly organise major beach clean-up events, and are excited for their Great British Beach Clean event this September. If you want to make a difference and help protect Britain’s beautiful beaches, then check out this page on MCS for details of your closest Great British Beach Clean event.

More information about our successful day in Brighton can be read on The Travel Foundation's website.

When you’re off to the beach this summer for a swim and a BBQ, please remember to take your rubbish with you so that we can enjoy them for many years to com.

Have a great summer everyone.

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