Back to Tibet – three spectacular new holidays

Posted by Jude  -  Date 31/03/14

At the Travel Shows earlier in the year we had lots of people requesting holidays to Tibet. Last year there were difficulties getting the required permits and we reduced our offering in Tibet – but now the permit situation has changed we are able to expand our offering with three new holidays to Tibet!  New [...]


Mike’s Zanskar Dream Trek

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 31/03/14

Last summer trek leader Mike Ford led our Zanskar Dream Trek in Ladakh, India. He described it as an “absolutely amazing high-altitude trekking experience” and “a wilderness experience par excellence with amazing geological features, crisp clean air, photogenic views at every turn and just the sound of the wind and rivers to meditate upon”.   [...]


Highlights of the Cycling Tour of Bhutan

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 28/03/14

Clients Jane and James have recently returned from our Cultural Cycling Tour of Bhutan. Jane described the cycling as a “fantastic way to see the country, get off the beaten track and have the opportunity to interact with some of the people that you meet on the way.  The other tourists are welcome to their [...]


The Conquest of Everest Film

Posted by Jude  -  Date 27/03/14

We’d just like to share a recommendation that was sent to us by one of our clients who travelled with us to the Everest region last year. Mr S described ‘The Conquest of Everest’ as a “remarkable film that anyone with a love of the region would enjoy”. And this documentary from 1953 is now [...]


Zanskar twig bridge finished

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 26/03/14

2014 has got off to a great start at Mountain Kingdoms – our twig bridge project in Zanskar is complete! Over the past five years Mountain Kingdoms MD Steve Berry has raised £3,000 to restore a traditional twig bridge in Padum and preserve an ancient culture. The project was overseen by the local King Punchok [...]


Marathon Fundraiser for SHIVA charity, Nepal

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 21/03/14

As well as being passionate about Responsible Tourism as a company, our staff are also dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a range of different charities. We even have our own Responsible Tourism Manager, Niki Morgan. Niki has travelled to Nepal many times for business and pleasure, including leading the Manaslu Circuit trek, and [...]


Mountain Kingdoms donates £1,250 in 2014 The Fifth Guide’s Refresher Training Course took place in Nepal at the start of this year. From January 26 to 08 February, twenty-five Sherpa guides were given English lessons as well as classes in first aid, altitude scenarios, trek, camp, food and equipment management, map reading, local flora and [...]


Bhutan: the greenest country on the planet

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 10/03/14

Boasting timeless traditions, unique architecture and stunning Himalayan scenery, it’s not as if you needed another good reason to visit Bhutan, but there is one…


Everest Climbers Clean Up

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 04/03/14

The BBC have announced news that for the 2014 climbing season, starting in April, climbers will have to bring back 8kg of rubbish per person as they descend from the summit. The rubbish collection will be controlled by the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee.


How to pack up a bike for a flight – Jim’s top tips!

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 04/11/13

If you are travelling on one of our cycling tours, you can simply hire a bike, but if you’d prefer to take your own bike along on one of our cycling holidays, then you will need to pack it up for the flight. Operations Manager, Jim Davies, has been on countless cycling holidays all over [...]


Introducing Mountain Kingdoms Cycling Tours

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 01/11/13

Operations Manager, Jim Davies is passionate about bikes, so we knew it wouldn’t be long until he convinced us to include adventurous cycling tours to our brochure and website! So, new for 2014 we have introduced three exciting cycling tours – two of these will take place in Bhutan. These two routes combine excellent cycling [...]


A guide to trekking in the Himalaya

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 11/10/13

Cicerone has recently published a new guide – ‘Trekking in the Himalaya’. The inspirational guide book describes twenty of the best treks in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Tibet and Pakistan. Eight authors, each an expert on trekking in the Himalaya, have shared vivid accounts of their treks, as well as stunning photos. One of the authors [...]


Return to Kashmir

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 15/07/13

Operations Manager, Niki, has just returned from India, where she has been researching new trekking routes and accommodation for our 2014/15 brochure. After her trek in the Indian Himalaya, Niki took some time to relax on a house boat in Kashmir. This quirky accommodation provides the perfect retreat after your trekking holiday in India. “Lying [...]


Steve to lead new Zanskar trekking expedition

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 09/07/13

This August, Mountain Kingdoms MD, Steve Berry, will be leading a Zanskar trekking expedition, in Ladakh, a remote and spectacular region of India, with the aim of crossing a traditional ‘twig bridge’. Zanskar is a small Tibetan Buddhist kingdom, lying just north of the main Himalayan range, in Ladakh, India. Steve has been fascinated by [...]


Love is in the (thin) air!

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 03/07/13

This spring has seen one marriage and two proposals for Mountain Kingdoms staff and clients. Starting in April, our Operations Assistant, April, married her fiancé, Barry, in a small chapel near our office in the Cotswolds. The romantic ceremony was followed by their honeymoon to exotic Kerala in India. The same day that April’s wedding [...]


Life At Base Camp: What’s It Like?

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 27/06/13

For those who set out on an Everest Base Camp trekking adventure with Mountain Kingdoms, Base Camp is a fascinating destination at which to spend a day, or even, on some of our treks, stay the night. But how is it built? Base Camp is among the most unique settlements in the world – a [...]


Sherpa Customs and Etiquette

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 13/06/13

As regular readers of our blog will know, we’ve featured a number of different aspects of the fascinating cultures of the Himalaya, from Himalayan festivals to legends of the Himalaya, and everything in between. In doing so, we hope that anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can learn something about the peoples [...]


Everest 60th Anniversary Celebrations – day 14

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 29/05/13

This time 60 years ago, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, reached the summit of Everest. Limited by their oxygen sources, their stay on the summit was a short one, lasting just fifteen minutes. Sherpa Tenzing made offerings of sweets and biscuits to the Buddhist gods as thanks for their safe passage.Their monumental achievement has [...]


Everest 60th Anniversary Celebrations – day 13

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 28/05/13

MK on trek to Everest: Today the group will reach their goal of Everest Base Camp! Although there are no views of the actual summit of Everest, there are sensational close-up views of the intimidating Khumbu ice-fall and the surrounding scenery of ice seracs and tumbled rocks. As it is the climbing season, the Base [...]


Everest 60th Anniversary Celebrations – day 12

Posted by Charlotte  -  Date 27/05/13

MK on trek to Everest: The group will follow the Everest trail, over the rocky moraine at the end of the Khumbu glacier, and on to the hamlet of Lobuche. The terrain is wild and rocky here, with a feeling of being high up in the mountains! 60 years ago: George Band, one of the [...]