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The Three Yetis of the Annapurna Circuit

By Kirsty Parsons in The Himalaya - 01st August 2010

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Dark shadowy human-like figures have been seen by trekkers walking the Annapurna Circuit, large ape-like footprints have been photographed and hair samples sent away for analysis – yet despite all this, scientists insist there isn’t enough evidence to state that the Yeti actually exists. However, the locals around the Annapurna Circuit aren’t only convinced in the existence of the Yeti, but believe that the area around the Himalaya is actually home to three separate Yetis with very different characteristics:


With its giant sloping forehead and ape-like demeanour, the Mih-Teh is a formidable fellow and considered by locals to be the most dangerous of the three Yetis. It’s far stronger than the average human and with short red hairs covering its body, a conical head, robust face and large fangs you probably won’t want to track down this particular Yeti. The Mih-Teh is the Yeti of Sherpa legends; a stocky, carnivorous creature from 5 foot to 6 foot tall, with a name that translates to “man-like living thing, which is not a human being”. Dzu-Teh

The Mih-Teh may be the Yeti that you’d least like to meet on the Annapurna Circuit, but the Dzu-Teh is the tallest. This Yeti stands at between 7-8 feet tall, but unlike the Mih-Teh is an omnivore, although it mainly uses its claws to feed on cattle. While all three Yetis are bipedal, the Dzu-Teh sometimes goes by the way of a quadruped. With long shaggy hair all over its body it bears a resemblance to Bigfoot. Teh-Lma

The most unusual Yeti is a nocturnal creature that stands at one metre tall with a prominent pointed head. The creature lives on a diet of frogs, and while some people believe this Yeti is the younger version of the Dzu-Teh others believe that the Teh-Lma is simply a baboon. If the Teh-Lma were a primate, this may explain why it chooses to live in the low-lying parts of the Himalaya and not in the high mountains with its fellow Yetis.

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