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Bhutan, Trek or Tour?

The chance to visit the mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan is a once in a lifetime opportunity which should be grasped with both hands. But before you go ahead and book your holiday, Bhutan, of all countries, requires you to ask of yourself one question in particular - “What kind of traveller am I?”

Whether you choose a Bhutan trek or a more traditional cultural tour depends very much on your own physical capabilities as well as at what you want to personally get out of your experience. Travelling in Bhutan will take you on a unique journey and allow you an insight into what is still one of the world’s most intriguing cultures.

A Bhutan Trek

If you are up for an adventure and are physically fit, then embarking on a Bhutan trek could be the most exciting trip you have ever undertaken. A trek can encompass gentle walks around the foothills and cultural sights, right up to long distance hikes which take you into the most remote regions of the country. On more challenging treks, you need to be prepared to journey for up to eight hours a day, but that doesn’t mean keeping up with super-fit trekkers in your group. You can tackle a Bhutan trek at your own pace and your local guides will always ensure that they bring up the rear behind even the slowest hiker.

Whilst you will not be attacking the peaks of the Himalaya on a normal Bhutan trek (this is reserved for the “Trekking peaks” category), you will travel close to some of the highest peaks in the world, trekking to base camps, remote lakes, deep verdant valleys and through awesome glacial landscape.

A Cultural Tour

For those who want to take in the many cultural highlights of Bhutan but aren’t keen on walking, a cultural tour is the ideal option. You will explore under the guidance of an expert leader who will take care of all the details and make sure you get a real insight into this ancient and mysterious Himalayan kingdom. You will stay in specially chosen, comfortable lodges or hotels while still experiencing the authenticity of the fascinating culture. You will explore monasteries, fortresses and villages and meet the warm and welcoming local people that make Bhutan such unique and happy country.

Whichever way you choose to explore Bhutan - trek, tour or even the ultimate challenge of trekking the peaks, you will become amongst the privileged few who have journeyed to a spectacular land where mass tourism has not yet left its mark.

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