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An unique experience

We joined the Zanskar Dream Trek fully expected it is going to be a challenging trip. But we have been wanting to hike in the Ladakh and Zanskar area for a long time. By the description of it we know it kind of a track like Bhutan Snowman Trek which we did some 12 teams ago 9whuch was challenging but hugely rewarding. We decided as we are not getting any younger we should give it a try. The actual experience went over and beyond our expectations. The mountain scenery combined with the remoteness and the cultural component the people and Monasteries make it one of a kind. Hiking trip that definitely sitting on top of all the hiking trip we did over the years which are a lot. Thetrip was very well organized by Mountain Kingdom with both western and local guides. The crew was one of the best we had ever experienced. We were very well looked after ate and sleep well which made a very hard trip manageable. It is no doubt a very demanding trip but the effort and reward ratio is very high. I would say to people considering doing it, if you believe you can do it with effort just do it. You will never regret the decision!


The pick of our treks in Nepal

This was the pick of all our many treks to Nepal. Scenery was spectacular, trekking was tough but satisfying and the support from the guides etc was brilliant. We couldn't recommend it enough!


Exceeded our expectations

We had an extra two nights in Paro before the group arrived and right from our initial arrival when we were met by Kinley, the guide and Gen, the driver we felt we were in very capable hands and Kinley arranged our extra days perfectly to match our interests, he also adapted plans as necessary for the whole group to take account of capabilities and interests. The whole trip exceeded our expectations, the country itself is fascinating, beautiful and tourists are very welcomed and looked after.


A fabulous trek in the Khumbu

This is a fabulous trip! The route is well planned which showcases much of the Khumbu region and takes you off the beaten track. Its tough and you need to be prepared to be cold and to rough it, as far as accommodation is concerned, but its worth it. The scenery is amazing! All of the passes are superb. Purna (our head guide) and his team were brilliant - they worked so hard to ensure that we were all ok and had all we need. It was a highlight of the trip meeting them and getting to know them.


Excellent value

Excellent value for money including flights onward for a Singapore extension.


Bhutan: people and scenery

The scenery was fabulous - and the people, wonderful


A well organised tour or Rajasthan

A good mix of heritage and luxury hotels. Covered all the top attractions. Well organised.


Experience of a lifetime

This has been an experience that I may never better. From day one I felt at ease with the preparations building up to the trek and I was not let down throughout. The sights that I witnessed were breath-taking and extraordinary and will never be forgotten. The guide offered encouragement during the many climbs, his joy at seeing a sense of achievement, as well giving his insights and knowledge of the area willingly. I implore you to do this trek, you will not be disappointed.


Beyond my wildest dreams

This trip was beyond all my wildest dreams. I have not been back to The Himalayas for 30 years and it seems very difficult for me to find the right words to summarize the many layers of wonderfulness! The enormity and huge variety of the landscapes, the deep history, the many religions, the incredible Nepalese and Tibetans who live in such harsh demanding places. We had a truly exceptional local team who made the magic happen. I am so so grateful.


Bhutan's unique charm

It was my 6th time in Bhutan, over 33 years, and my third time in East Bhutan. It was fantastic to see how the country has developed, particularly with good roads and hotels, but kept its essential rural charm, social structure and uniqueness. I particularly wanted to have several days in the Lhuentse Valley in East Bhutan, which is another world of charm and remoteness. Also, the 2 hour walk down from the Ura La to Ura Village must be one of the best short walks in the Himalayas.

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