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  • Moderate
  • Moderate/Vigorous
  • Vigorous
  • Vigorous/Strenuous
  • Strenuous
  • Expedition Grade
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Japan News

Sacred Wonders of the World - BBC One’s latest series

By Mountain Kingdoms on 13 Aug 2019
Categories: Cambodia, India, Japan, Tour, Walking & Trekking

Sacred Wonders of the World - BBC One’s latest series

BBC1’s beautifully shot new three part series, Sacred Wonders, takes us to some of the world’s most famous landmarks that have been built in the name of religion. Whatever your religious beliefs, it's fair to say these man-made wonders are nothing short of magical. 

Here are a few sacred wonders we'd be delighted to take you to.

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Joanna Lumley’s Japan

By Mountain Kingdoms on 09 Sep 2016
Categories: Japan

Joanna Lumley’s Japan

Japan takes centre stage tonight with the start of a three part documentary series that sees Joanna Lumley embarking on an epic 2,000 mile journey round the country. She will be exploring the unique culture, sampling the cuisine and learning about Japan’s fascinating history as she tries to get under the skin of this compelling and intriguing land.

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