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Northeast India

Northeast India

Assam straddles the vast Brahmaputra river valley, and it is this most sacred of rivers that is the lifeblood of the region. Colourful communities make their living along its banks, growing rice in flooded paddy fields and tea on the higher ground. Each spring the river overflows and replenishes the broad plains creating a lush home to countless species of bird and endangered mammals, including Bengal tigers and the One-horned rhinoceros. These majestic animals are protected in the National Parks of the region including Kaziranga - the premier wildlife attraction. 

Aside from its natural beauty, Assam boasts a rich cultural and spiritual heritage most clearly evident in the ancient city of the Ahom kings at Sibragar and the monasteries of Majuli – treasure-houses for many priceless historical artefacts.  A cruise along the mighty Brahmaputra, is undoubtedly the best way to explore these many wonders of Assam and we offer three options so that you can combine a cruise with a tour of some of India’s or Bhutan’s key cultural highlights - Brahmaputra River Cruise with DarjeelingBrahmaputra River Cruise & Rajasthan or Brahmaputra River Cruise with Bhutan.

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