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Chhurim Sherpa Sets New Everest Record

Mera Peak. Photo courtesy of N Morgan

27-year-old Chhurim Sherpa of Nepal has set a new Everest record: she climbed from base camp to the summit and back twice in just 11 days. Her experience prior to this extraordinary feat included a successful Mera Peak trek and Island Peak summit attempt. According to her agency, no woman has climbed Everest twice in the same mountaineering season; Chhurim Sherpa has set a new World Record. We applaud her determination and achievement.

She began her record-breaking feat on 9 May, reaching the summit for the first time on 12 May. Upon returning to base camp, she rested for several days before starting her second summit attempt on 17 May. This time around, she skipped Camp I and Camp III, and stood once again at the top of the world on 19 May.

Willpower and zeal are no doubt two major contributors to her success – another is the skills she acquired from climbing other peaks.

Anyone with an eye on eventually standing atop Everest will find that a Mera Peak trek is a valuable first experience in high-altitude trekking. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who feel that Everest is beyond their abilities – although strenuous and requiring a certain level of experience, Mera Peak treks are non-technical and therefore a possibility for more people. Island Peak is another good mountain for Everest hopefuls to practise on and develop some of the skills and endurance necessary to climb the world's tallest mountain.

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