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Dana Trek to Petra reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Dana Trek to Petra          

Dana Trek to Petra

I enjoyed the Mountain Kingdoms philosophy of using less crowded routes and supporting local enterprise and culture.

Dana Trek to Petra          

Rewarding trek

Stunning! I can't imagine a better way to discover Petra; the trek through Dana Nature Reserve and camping under clear desert skies were a real pleasure. I would highly recommend entering Petra from the 'backdoor' - a great reward at the end of a beautiful trek. This trip was culturally rewarding from start to finish.

Dana Trek to Petra          


The trek was the ideal way to explore Jordan. We trekked through the beautiful Jordanian mountains and stayed in remote camps that were pitched for us each night in the best spots. Approaching Petra from the 'back door' meant avoiding all the crowds. Two other big highlights of the trip were the warm welcome that we received from the Jordanian people and the delicious food.

Dana Trek to Petra          

Spectacular experience

We had a really enjoyable time in Jordan and feel that we saw and experienced all of the stuff we wanted- and more. Experiencing the canyons, desert and wilderness of Jordan was undoubtedly spectacular.

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