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Turkey Walking & Trekking Holidays

Turkey Walking & Trekking Holidays

An historic melting pot of cultures, Turkey spans both Europe and Asia. The vast majority of the country lies in Asia, with just 3% in Europe, and yet 10% of the population lives there, mainly in the sprawling, and culturally fascinating, city of Istanbul. But leave the frenetic buzz of the big city behind and you will find a surprising array of landscapes from golden Mediterranean beaches to remote icy peaks and from vast arid deserts to deeply forested hills.

However, In Turkey’s central Anatolia lies a landscape like no other. Cappadocia is a region of canyons, valleys and ochre-hued rock pinnacles or ‘fairy chimneys’, created from volcanic activity tens of millions years ago. More recently, in the Roman and Byzantine times, early Christians took refuge here by carving discreet dwellings and places of worship into the ground below and the towering rocks above, resulting in an even more bizarre yet fascinating landscape. Our ValleyTrails of Cappadocia walking holiday has a mix of day hikes that explore many of the colourful canyons and valleys in this surreal region in the very heart of Turkey.

By way of contrast, Turkey’s Lycian coastline is a dazzling Mediterranean landscape of dazzling, azure blue water and emerald green forested hillsides with a backdrop of high mountain peaks. Following the rugged Turquoise Coast is Turkey’s first long distance path – the Lycian Way. A combination of village footpaths, mule trails and ancient routes, it was once used by the Lycian people whose bygone civilisations occupied several stretches of the Turquoise Coast. Evidence of Roman occupation can also be found in the amphitheatres, burial sites and villas which still occupy the surrounding hills and coastline. Walk the Lycian Way and you will soon by captivated by the beautiful scenery, inviting waters and charming villages that makes this one of the very best walking holidays in Europe.

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