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What makes Ecuador so special?

Straddling the equator, Ecuador is the smallest of all the Andean nations yet is one of the most diverse in terms of its landscape, people and ecology. Walking and trekking in Ecuador is perfect for both naturalists and adventurers alike, and visitors can have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Walking and trekking in Ecuador offers something for everyone, and whilst large-scale tourism remains in its infancy is an ideal time to travel to this fascinating country. Ecuador has so much spectacular scenery, natural beauty and historic interest as its larger neighbours: dramatic volcanoes, a rich colonial Spanish heritage, simple Indian villages and an abundance of exciting wildlife both on the mainland, and of course, the wondrous Galapagos Islands.

On your Ecuador trekking or walking holiday you will also come across an array of vibrant indigenous cultures renowned for their colourful dress and handicrafts, with well-preserved colonial architecture.

Ecuador & the Galapagos Holidays

Ecuador & the Galapagos Holidays

Despite being the smallest of the Andean nations, Ecuador punches well above its weight and has as much spectacular scenery, natural beauty and cultural interest as its larger neighbours.

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Ecuador sits on the equator between Peru and Columbia and it is one of the smallest of the Andean countries. However despite its small size the country’s Andean highlands, its volcanic ‘Ring of Fire’ and the remarkable Galapagos Islands offer an ideal destination for a gentle walking holiday or a more challenging trekking trip.

There are so many delights and contrasts to enjoy in Ecuador: the dramatic volcanoes and the rolling moorland of the paramo; high altitude lakes and wonderful pastoral landscapes; quaint Spanish haciendas and ancient Inca ruins; a flourishing indigenous artistic culture which thrives alongside 21st century society; and a vibrant modern capital that sits alongside the architectural splendours of its colonial past.

Trips to Ecuador begin in Quito with its lively colonial Old Town. Some of Ecuador’s other essential highlights include: joining the crowds at Otavalo’s Saturday Market - one of the finest markets in South America and walking around the edge of spectacular Quilotoa, a crater lake famed for its emerald green waters.

About 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador lay the Galapagos Islands famed for their incredibly rare and diverse flora and fauna - much of which can be found nowhere else on earth. For a different perspective on these fascinating islands our Gentle Walking Ecuador & Galapagos Walking Safari combines time staying in hotels on various inhabited islands of the Galapagos, with boat trips to other islands and a week walking and sightseeing on mainland Ecuador, for the best of all worlds.

Key Facts

  • Capital city: Quito
  • Population: 16,144,000 2015 (est 2015)
  • Size of country: 283,561 sq km
  • Currency: US dollars
  • Power supply: 110-120 Volts
  • Sockets: US-style two-pin variety
  • Language: Spanish
  • Time difference: GMT -5 hours
  • Visas: British passport holders can currently stay in Ecuador as tourists for up to 90 days without a visa
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 95%, other 5%
  • Popular dishes: Locro de papa (soup with avocados, potatoes and cheese)
  • Popular drinks: Canelazo (hot alcoholic beverage made with sugar cane alcohol)
  • Did you know: Chimborazo is arguably the tallest mountain in the world. Mount Everest is highest if you use height above sea level but if you measure distance from the centre of the earth, then Chimborazo is much higher – by around two miles – since the earth is not a perfect sphere, but bulges considerably around the Equator.
  • FCDO advice: FCDO travel advice


When is the best time to travel to Ecuador?

Our climate charts will give you an idea of the weather conditions of Ecuador.

The temperature in Ecuador varies little throughout the year, and is more strongly influenced by altitude than month. If you are going to be trekking at altitude, then you will certainly need to pack some warm layers for the evenings.

The year can be split into three seasons; the driest season is between June and September, with clear sunny days in the highlands. This is the perfect time of year for a trekking holiday in Ecuador. The shoulder season (October and November) can also be a good time to visit Ecuador, though there may be rain in the afternoons in the highlands. December to May are usually the wettest months, but January to May are the best months for taking a Galapagos cruise.

If you can't make the dates of our group departures, then take a private departure on dates to suit you, or we can create a Tailor Made holiday to Ecuador, especially for you and your family or friends.

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