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Bolivia trekking

Bolivia trekking

Bolivia, nicknamed the ‘Tibet of South America’ by early Alpinists, is known for the highest navigable lake (Lake Titicaca), and the highest seat of government (La Paz).  It is a landlocked country bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru and its terrain stretches from the heights of the Altiplano at over 3,000m down to the Amazon basin and Chaco scrub-land. The climate mirrors the extreme terrain, and the vast range of different environments support an equally extensive variety of wildlife.

The Cordillera Real, ‘the “Royal Range’, is the longest mountain range in the country and was so named by the Spanish conquistadors because of its majestic appearance.  It is home to the Aymara speaking people who are descendants of the Tiahuanaco Empire, the longest running Andean civilisation. The Bolivian Andes are some of the most under-trekked mountains on earth and our Cordillera Real Traverse offers one of the genuine classic treks of the world. Running north to south along the entire 120 mile length of the Royal range and with several passes over 5,000m, each day on trek brings scenic splendour and majestic views. Best of all though, with only a handful of farmsteads and herds of lamas to encounter, you will have this magnificent mountain landscape all to yourself.



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