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Himalayan Photography: Everest Base Camp In Stunning Detail

By Mountain Kingdoms in Everest Base Camp, The Himalaya - 23rd January 2013

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© 2008 ilkerender, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

As anyone who has joined Mountain Kingdoms on an Everest Base Camp adventure will know, there’s nothing that can compare to standing on the slopes of the world’s mightiest mountain. It’s never been easier to get a sense of Everest’s awe-inspiring presence, thanks to a new photograph that’s currently making headlines for its stunning  four billion pixel representation of the mountain. We’re amazed by the detail in American photographer and filmmaker David Breashears’ amazing image, which you can see here.

Breashears, who is also an avid climber, the first American to summit Everest, and the founder of GlacierWorks, an organisation that campaigns to raise awareness of environmental issues in the Himalaya, spent months taking hundreds of photos to create the composite image.

Taken from a vantage point above Everest Base Camp, it looks at first like a particularly striking photograph; it takes in Base Camp, Khumbu Icefall, and the summit itself, alongside the peaks of Changtse and Lohtse. It’s when you zoom in that it becomes truly astonishing - with perfectly rendered details including every tent and rock of Base Camp, the cascade of the icefall, and climbers ascending alongside it. As if this wasn’t incredible enough, Breashears plans to take it further with more highly detailed images of the region, as well as the potential to compare it with images from the past.

If you’ve been on an Everest Base Camp trek with Mountain Kingdoms, zooming in on the colourful tent city with its fluttering prayer flags, and panning across to the sweep of the icefall is a sure-fire way to bring the memories flooding back. And for those who are looking forward to going, this photograph makes daydreaming about the journey easier than ever.

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