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Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

Wildlife sightings of a life time

Uganda was so much more than expected. A beautiful country with a greater than expected range of environments, from mountains to lakes and from tea plantations to pineapple farms. This trip combines the classic African savannah and its wildlife with mountain and water wildlife experiences culminating in an amazing day in the jungle with the mountain gorillas. If you love Africa you will not be disappointed by the opportunities to meet the local people, experience their lives and look in wonder on the Big 5, the great apes and outstanding birdlife

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

We had a great time!

The trip overall was most enjoyable and Uganda is a destination that pleased beyond expectation.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

An excellent holiday, the best I've had for a long while!

The itinerary was excellent. We saw and did so much in the 2 weeks - birds, animals, varied and amazing scenery, plus the highlight was sitting about 2 metres from a gorilla. Most days was packed with activity, which I really enjoyed as I want to see/do as much as possible when I travel.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

Gorillas, game, grand scenery, it doesn't get better than this.

A wonderful holiday which showcased the diversity of wildlife, birds, landscape and flora that Uganda has to offer. Savannah, rainforest, mountain, lake, all in a country the size of the UK. Almost every day had a highlight, Murchison Falls, the crater lakes, 4 out of the big 5, spectacular scenery and then there were gorillas. My personal favourites were seeing a leopard close up, Murchison Falls, L Mutanda with the Virunga volcanoes as a back drop and being up close and personal with a Silverback gorilla. If anything, this holiday was several holidays in one.

Gorilla & Wildlife Walking Safari, Uganda          

Uganda is the trip of a lifetime!

Wow, what a trip! Seeing the chimps and gorillas in their natural environment really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With so few gorillas in the wild it was a very special experience, one I'll treasure for a long time. Uganda itself is a very beautiful country and has lots of wildlife to be seen, including the big five and countless colourful birds.

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