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Cardamom Mountains Trails reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Cardamom Mountain Trails

The whole Cambodia experience was exceptional and provided an intimate insight into the lives of its people, the wildlife, villages, landscape, history and culture as well as its shortcomings and problems. Mountain Kingdoms and their Cambodian partners are to be highly commended on producing such a beautifully balanced trip with so much packed into a short period of time without the group members feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The hotels were outstanding and the staff and guides gracious, helpful, patient and so very friendly as were other Cambodians we met. It was touching to be often thanked for visiting their country.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Wonderful holiday to Cambodia

This was a well organised and wonderfully varied trip. The conversations with local people about their country were part of what made it special for me as well as the many amazing sights. There were some added delights that were a complete surprise, like seeing fireflies on the river at Kampot, delicious food and delightful hotels.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Mini adventures in Cambodia

Three older ladies had an adventure: We overheard our first guide inform the second one that we looked a lot younger than we were - I wonder if he knew we were listening? This holiday was full of experiences and movement across the country between sights and environments: We seemed constantly to be on the move (often in boats of varying size) without feeling any rush and without any boredom in the travelling. The walks we did were never as strenuous as those we do regularly in Lakeland and so we were comfortable if a little warm. The trip included so many aspects of this country and its past - the recent history of the killing fields and ancient history of the old Capital at Siem Reap, the old and new in cities, forests, along rivers and on the coast. So much to see and appreciate. We expected to be wowed by the sights but we didn't expect to love the food and the people so much. We were so well looked after and yet every day was an adventure: Sunrise at Angkor Wat, sunset and fireflies in Kampot, chips and chilli for breakfast rowing down the river from Chi Phat, coconuts on Rabbit Island beach and pancakes for breakfast at the wildlife release station. Did I mention the carvings in the river and on the temples? Wonderful Cambodia!

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Reputable - Cambodia trek

Small groups of like-minded people. Excellent rapport with office staff in UK, feels personal. Very good balance between adventure and culture. Good variety in activities and accommodation. Concern for the environment, respect for the country. I don't feel like a tourist, more like a visitor.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Value for money

As with all previous trips, an excellent holiday. Well thought out and in my opinion, excellent value for money for what was provided. Also very welcome is the opportunity to get beyond the usual tourist sites, and the chance to get to know a country.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Delightful holiday

We much enjoyed our holiday in Cambodia and were delighted to meet so many happy, friendly people along the way. The temples were astounding, the Killing Fields were chilling, the country side was lovely and filled with so many interesting sights and photographic opportunities - overall Cambodia was a delight to visit, and our guides were wonderful.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Another superb trip

I returned from MK's Cardamom Mountains trek yesterday and want to thank you and the teams here and in Cambodia for yet another superb trip. Our in-country guide was outstanding. His generosity of spirit, knowledge and language skills fostered absolute confidence in him. He was attentive, patient, meticulously organised and had a wonderful sense of humour.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Another wonderful trek

We would like to take this opportunity to thank MK for such a wonderful Trek. This was our 3rd MK holiday and we have been absolutely delighted and inspired by each of them.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Surpassed my expectations

The balance of trekking and culture on this holiday was just right. I expected great things of this holiday and it reached and even surpassed my expectations. The two trek guides were both informative and helpful.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Excellent guides

The guides and drivers on our trip were excellent - very friendly and approachable. We enjoyed the chance to learn more about Cambodia's troubled past as well as the friendliness and good humour of the Chi Phat villagers, our hosts, porters and cooks.

Cardamom Mountains Trails          

Chi Phat stay was a highlight

Our stay in Chi Phat was phenomenal. It was an absolute privilege to stay with a lovely young family who, despite speaking no English, were able to communicate so effectively their obvious delight in hosting us. We were made so comfortable and welcome and felt very sad to leave them.

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