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Mongolia Walking & Trekking Holidays

Mongolia Walking & Trekking Holidays

A vast wilderness of incredibly natural beauty, largely untouched by the modern world, where nomads, camels and wild horses still roam free.

Mongolia is a place that conjures up images of the exotic: wild horses galloping across endless steppe, nomadic people living a timeless existence and camel trains crossing the Gobi desert. Its history is dominated by the warlord Genghis Khan whilst the fierce pride and athletic prowess of the Mongol people is celebrated in the annual Nadaam festival.

For visitors to this vast land there are numerous options for experiencing its rich cultural heritage and history. Kharkhorin (Karakorum) was the capital of Genghis Khan's ancient empire although only a few scattered ruins remain. The site is also the location of Erdene Zuu Monastery, the earliest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and one of the country's most important cultural sites. No visit to Mongolia is complete though without a night spent at a ger camp to experience the way of life of the indefatigable nomadic people on the wide open steppe.

Mongolia's vast wilderness is an adventure playground for walkers and trekkers alike. The gentle hikes on our Genghis Khan Trails walking holiday lead from ger camps to hot springs and rolling hills, whilst the area around little Gobi offers easy walks amidst a golden desert landscape. This trip also includes time at the world renown Nadaam Festival - a flamboyant celebration of the great Mongolian sports of riding, wrestling and archery.

For the more adventurous trekker, our Mongolian Wilderness Trek takes you to the remote northwest corner of Mongolia where you can enjoy a wonderful trek between the twin peaks of Mount Kharkiraa and Mount Turgen. This trekking holiday encompasses the best of Mongolia's dramatic scenery; wild open plateau, glacial lakes, high snowy mountains and remarkable rock formations.

The summer months of July and August are the best times to visit as the weather is at its best (though still unpredictable!), wild flowers are abundant and everyone is in holiday mood. It's also the time of the Naadam festival – the main event in Mongolia's cultural calendar and a fabulous display of horse-racing, wrestling and archery; an experience, like the country, to truly savour.

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