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Trekking in the French Alps

Trekking in the French Alps

Extending for almost 500 miles in a great arc from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic Sea, the Alps encompass eight countries and a huge variety of landscapes, cultural influences, historic interest and scenic splendours. 

Drawn to the crystal clear air, the bewitching vistas and the challenge of the outdoors, the Alps have attracted artists, climbers, explorers and nature lovers for hundreds of year. From Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn and Geneva to Grindlewald, the names of the peaks, passes and places of the Alps conjure evocative images and historical references, deeply embedded into the history and culture of Europe.  A high-altitude battleground during two world wars, it is now only the tourists and trekkers that invade the region in any number, seeking adventure and natural beauty in equal measure. 

For many, the towering mountains in France (and neighbouring Switzerland) are the crowning glory of the Alps. The highest peak of all - Mont Blanc, 4,810m / 15,780ft, has proved to be a magnet for climbers since the early eighteenth century and, still today, a summit attempt remains an attainable objective for high-level trekkers and mountaineers. Our Mont Blanc Summit Trekking Peak provides the best opportunity for reaching the top of this iconic mountain.

Alternatively, you can find quieter paths in the relatively little-known Claree Valley or tackle the most rewarding and scenic section of the Grand Traverse of the Mercantour on our five day Walking in the Maritime Alps walking holiday.

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