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Walking holidays in France


France is western Europe’s largest country and holds within its borders a wonderful array of different landscapes, strong regional cultures and evocative destinations. ‘Paris,’ ‘Champagne,’ ‘Provence,’ or ‘Riviera’ stimulate the senses and provide captivating images of beauty, colour, style and charm. In France too, the ‘great outdoors’ is truly great. Keen walkers and cyclists are spoilt for choice with trekking in Provence, the Pyrenees and French Alps.

France’s very own Grand Canyon, the Verdon Gorge in Provence, presents an unusual trekking opportunity - descending rather than ascending into the deepest river canyon in Europe.

It’s arguably the Alps though that provide France’s greatest treks. The first forays into the mountains for pleasure were stimulated by the work of artists, writers and poets in the late 18th Century. Over time former shepherds’ trails, isolated farmers’ huts and remote lakes became the heart of a wonderful network of hiking trails and climbing routes above and around mountain towns such as Chamonix. The twisted, peak of Mont Blanc towers above the alpine towns, meadows and valleys and, for the greatest views, you can climb to the very top on our challenging Mont Blanc Summit trekking peak.

However, there are still small corners of the French Alps that are surprisingly little known outside of the country such as the stunning Claree Valley and the wonderful mountains and valleys of the Maritime Alps. Here you may find that you have the trail all to yourself!

Whether a walking holiday,  trek or high summit adventure, you’ll be captivated by the landscape, history and culture of our favourite neighbour.

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