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A fascinating culture unlike any other in Europe, Albania is sure to provide a memorable trekking and walking experience where you can meet the wonderful local people and enjoy spectacular scenery.

Northern Albania is a fascinating and little visited corner of Europe that was closed to the outside world for many years both by geography and politics. For many hundreds of years, life in the remote valleys was governed by ‘Kanun’ - ancient laws that ruled the fiercely independent tribes who inhabited the seemingly impenetrable mountains, this was followed by harsh years of communism and isolation from the outside world. The outcome of Albania’s isolation though, is an unspoilt landscape and communities living simple lives - farming in the valleys, ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

Albania’s untouched beauty is nowhere more evident than in the ‘Accursed Mountains’. Named after a local legend about a ‘fairy curse’, the sheer scale and impenetrability of this Alpine range can make the name seem extremely apt. However, it belies the beauty of the mountains’ limestone gorges, thickly forested slopes, flower-strewn meadows and craggy peaks. Perhaps the highlight of any walking holiday in this area is to trek through the picturesque Thethi Valley where you can share the hospitality of local farmers and enjoy a dip in scenic natural pools.

A land of lakes as well as mountains, any walking holiday in Albania should also find time to enjoy a boat trip. A cruise across Drin Lake provides an ideal opportunity to gain a different perspective of the ruggedly beautiful countryside. And, at the end of the boat ride you can visit impressive Rozafa castle and discover a wealth of history of this fascinating Balkan country.

For superb scenery, unspoilt landscapes, generous people and time-honoured traditions, our unique Accursed Mountains Trek is the best way to discover this beguiling destination. You can also trek in the Accursed Mountains of Albania and the highest peaks of Kosovo on our Three Peaks of the Balkans Trek.

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