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The Tsechus to See on Bhutan Tours

To get the most out of Bhutan tours, it is advisable to time them to coincide with one of the country’s finest festivals; a Tsechu. These Buddhist festivals are exciting and vibrant, and take you back to the basics of Buddhism in Bhutan.

There are many annual tsechus across Bhutan with most districts holding their own tsechu in the local monastery or dzong – the heart of each community. The festivals can last several days at a time, so there is a very good chance that you will be able to incorporate one of them into your Bhutan tours. They are held in remembrance of Guru Rinpoche, known today as the patron Saint of Buddhism in Bhutan, and are a cause for great celebration.

Tsechus provide an opportunity for the Bhutanese to gather together, to remember the meaning of their faith and to receive blessings and spiritual protection. You will see the residents bringing out their finest traditional clothing, and taking part in masked dances that replicate the visions seen by Buddhist Saints of the past. The costumes and masks, as well as the celebratory dances themselves, have remained unchanged for many centuries and will continue to be so for many years to come. However, they do not get any less impressive with time.

So, enjoy the plentiful supplies of butter tea and barley alcohol as you take part in one of the most impressive celebrations of the Buddhist faith. Whether you can incorporate the Paro Tsechu or the Thimpu Tsechu into your Bhutan tours, you will come away with a real appreciation of both the Buddhist faith and the Bhutanese way of life.

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