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Preparing For Your Mera Peak Expedition: Top Tips

© 2009 Ralf Kayser, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

What makes for a successful expedition to Mera Peak? At 6,476 metres, Nepal’s highest trekking peak is one of the region’s most rewarding challenges. While the ascent to the summit is not technically difficult, it presents a test of tenacity and stamina at high altitudes, and, as with any Himalayan trekking adventure, a good degree of fitness and acclimatisation are key. At Mountain Kingdoms, we’re all about helping you meet such challenges head on, so here are our tips for preparation.

Knowing what to expect goes a long way towards preparing yourself mentally, and in planning your physical training. Our Mera Peak expedition takes trekkers on a route designed for maximum acclimatisation, up through the lushly forested Hinku Valley, then to Mera Peak Base Camp, and finally along the spectacular Mera Glacier to the summit. Taking it slowly not only allows trekkers to adjust to the altitude, but gives plenty of time to appreciate the incredible views that this route has to offer – trust us, it’s something special, even by Himalayan standards! In terms of physical training for a Mera Peak expedition, ensuring you are fit is important – the more comfortable you are with the ascent, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it! Training does not have to be a chore; taking enjoyable walks in varied landscapes is a good way to get into physical and mental shape for tackling Mera Peak. Reading up on accounts from other trekkers who have accomplished this trek is a good way to get an idea of what the physical challenge will feel like.

Then there’s the question of what to bring. The balance between packing light and including everything you’ll need is a crucial one. After booking we provide a dossier with more details about what to pack, but one thing you mustn't forget is your camera!

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