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Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen          

Reputable - Ethiopia trek

Good group, well protected. A patient, friendly local leader, very reliable. We were very pleased to find that Mountain Kingdoms has a fine reputation there, everyone spoke highly of Mountain Kingdoms. The country has massive potential for tourism. Some very good close contact with Ethiopian people and culture, e.g. the Tej-house in Lalibela; coffee ceremony in village.

Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen          

Accommodation leader and crew

My first time with Mountain Kingdoms and the holiday was BRILLIANT. The trek leader Kura and support staff couldn't have been more accommodating, knowledgeable or helpful. All the people we met were just delightful. The standard of vegetarian food on the trek was superb. It was the small surprises that really made the trip special - the camp crew greeting us with singing and dancing when we got back from Ras Dashen and the coffee ceremony that was prepared for us.

Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen          

Excellent tour leader

We had a very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable local leader. He listened to people's comments and was very attentive. Good knowledge about flora, fauna and history - an excellent leader. We enjoyed the combination of culture and mountain trekking - other companies did not offer this.

Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen          

All-round enjoyable experience

This was extremely well planned and executed. The route, length of time and critical use of a rest day were all improvements on competitors' similar treks. The whole experience was enjoyable, a thoroughly planned route, a very compatible group of an ideal size, a flexible approach by the local tour leader and service provider. The trek leader and local guide were both exemplary in providing information and looking after the welfare of every member of the group. I have been on many, many treks but few as well organised as this one.

Simien Mountains Trek & Ras Dashen          

First-class staff

The standard of care given by your local agents was excellent. Our guide was absolutely amazing. Not only was his knowledge of all things Ethiopian amazing, but his interaction with people we met added a great deal to our understanding of local issues and generally added to our enjoyment of this trip. He looked after our interests with a passion and was very intuitive to our needs. All the staff were first-class throughout.