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Mount Kailash Trek reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Mount Kailash Trek          

Excellent trek crew

Remote location, small group size, excellent trek crew and leader.

Mount Kailash Trek          

Enjoyable adventure trip

It was a very enjoyable adventure trip, well planned and full of interest. The way the places we stayed in gradually built up in altitude was very helpful. It was a tough trip in physical terms but a great experience.

Mount Kailash Trek          


The trekking and camping experience brought us very close to local people which I very much enjoyed. Going to such a remote area - magnificent!

Mount Kailash Trek          

Hugely valuable experience

I have given the trip an "excellent" tick since it is hard to criticise an organisation that succeeded in delivering what was, for me, a hugely valuable experience - where the location genuinely transcended my expectation.

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