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Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam          

I loved this holiday

It was everything I had hoped and that you had described in the brochure. Hanoi was exciting, I loved the streets and buildings and the buzz of the street life. The walking was in the most beautiful countryside which has stayed with me. I enjoyed the casual meetings with the local people for example at a Sunday market which was completely untouristy. Enjoyed the walking very much on lovely paths. Food was excellent, delicious and light and plentiful! Cruise on Ha Long Bay was relaxing, beautiful, comfortable and a very welcome rest at end of holiday. Accommodation superb throughout.

Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam          

Private departure - Vietnam

I think was one of the best holidays we have ever had, excellent value and immensely varied. The opportunity to walk and stay in village houses in the relatively unexploited Ha Giang province was a highlight, as were the stays in some really quite luxurious ecolodges and a magnificent cruise ship on Halong bay.

Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam          

Trekking in Vietnam

I enjoyed my holiday overall because of the wide variety of cultural experiences, areas visited, food, and Chin was a very knowledgeable guide. I was really impressed by the quality of the accommodation, food and friendliness of the ship’s crew in Ha Long Bay.

Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam          

A trip of adventures and extremes in northern Vietnam!

A holiday of adventures and extremes - from the first adventure of the overnight train to the hills; the comparison of the varied ethnic minorities’ lifestyles; the contrast between the luxury (and peace and quiet) at Topas Ecolodge and on the Ha Long Bay cruise; the privilege of being a part of the remote home-stay family’s basic way of life; the delights of glimpsing Hanoi’s French colonial architecture; and the enjoyment of delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Congratulations, another great Mountain Kingdoms trip.

Hill Tribe Trails of Northern Vietnam          

Welcoming culture

Vietnam has jumped to the top of my list of favourite destinations within Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese are warm and welcoming, the landscapes are stunning, and the walking is culturally diverse. I cannot wait to return to this incredible country.