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Golden Trails of Burma reviews

Read holiday reviews by Mountain Kingdoms travellers.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Private Departure - Golden Trails of Burma and Bhutan

Overall an excellent trip which was well organised. The guides were knowledgeable and took great care of our welfare and contributed greatly to our enjoyment of the holiday. The drivers were also very good and drove carefully on difficult roads. We learnt a great deal and now have a much greater appreciation for the 2 countries.

Golden Trails of Burma          

All that we could have hoped for

The trip was all that we could have hoped for. The itinerary was excellent. The organisation was faultless, the transport modern and comfortable and the accommodation was of a high standard everywhere.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Great variety, great guide

This holiday visits a great variety of locations. It was lovely to see the tourist sites and also to see how people live and to get close to the local people. Nyi Nyi was an excellent guide. He made all the organisation look effortless and he was really knowledgeable about his country.

Golden Trails of Burma          

An appropriate title.

This was our first trip with Mountain Kingdoms and in all respects it exceeded our expectations. The group size, 8 in our case, was just right. The itinerary along with the walking enabled us to gain a good insight into life in Myanmar and helped understand the influence that religion plays in people's everyday activities. We would thoroughly recommend this trip.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Golden Trails of Burma (Myanmar) - Tailor Made Holiday

We thoroughly enjoyed our first holiday both with Mountain Kingdoms and to South East Asia. The programme was packed and varied and we observed life in rural areas and in the busy cities as well as visiting numerous beautiful temples and pagodas. Our guide Zaw Zaw was very informative and friendly and patient and helpful when we fancied some retail therapy. Burma is a lovely place to visit as there is so much to see and the people were really friendly.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Private tour of Burma

We arranged a private tour of Burma following the same itinerary as the one for groups being unable to travel on any of the group dates. We were extremely impressed with Mountain Kingdoms, from the service from the head office beforehand to the delivery of the journey in Burma- everything ran perfectly. Compared to other companies journeys round Burma we really enjoyed the opportunity to walk in rural areas and interact with the communities there. Being in a group of four greatly facilitated this.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Wonderful holiday to Burma

Enjoyed using local people as guides in their area as well as having Nyi Nyi to help us. Everything ran smoothly - all transport, both on roads and by water, were very good. Enjoyed the variety of this trip - some walking, train ride, boats etc. Wonderful trip!

Golden Trails of Burma          

Myanmar exceeded all expectations.

A beautiful country and beautiful people. The trip was made particularly special by our tour guide Nyi Nyi who constantly went beyond the call of duty to ensure our trip was one that we shall never forget. What we enjoyed was the use of small, family-owned hotels and the knowledge of our excellent guides. Everything’s included (meals etc.). We liked the walks through the countryside and meeting local people.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Relaxed holiday - everything arranged perfectly

Nyi Nyi, our guide, was truly exceptional & made the holiday! His English is extremely good, he is humourous, intuitive and made great efforts to tell us all about the history of Burma and its people, about which he is very informed. The itinerary was great too - we seemed to visit most of the Burma highlights and experience everyday life of its people on our travels and hiking.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Excellent holiday to Burma

An excellent introductory itinerary to Burma with a standard of accommodation and food higher than we had been anticipating when compared to western standards. Excellent local transport – our coach, boat & train. Particular praise for our outstanding Burmese travel guide. He was superb – his never failing ability to be positive, his behind scenes organisation & attention to detail were noted. Overall an excellent holiday – made such by Nyi Nyi.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Exceeded our expectations

This trip exceeded all expectations. All the plans, the methods of various travel, worked like clockwork. Our guide Nyi Nyi worked tirelessly to make the smallest detail perfect - especially my birthday! He was more than excellent. He never stopped smiling or working tirelessly for us all.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Golden Trails of Burma

I loved the fact we used local staff, facilities, travelled with locals, met locals etc. We were so lucky to have Nyi Nyi as our guide. He was efficient, helpful and good-humored. He was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble. Brilliantly organised, fantastic friendly local guide, gorgeous people. A truly wonderful experience.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Unique insight into Myanmar

What we enjoyed was the walking as well as sightseeing. An excellent and charismatic local guide who gave us a unique insight into the life of Myanmar's people.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Amazing pagodas

The Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake itinerary couldn't fail to impress with the history, culture, scenery & amazing pagodas. Our guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic & seemed to know everyone in Burma, so he would stop & chat & introduce us to all sorts of people along the way. He gave us an insight into the everyday life of the villagers that most tourists don't get the chance to experience.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Exceptional guide

Nyi Nyi was an exceptional guide. His ability to communicate and engage with everyone we met along the way made the holiday very special. Very much enjoyed the walking aspect of the holiday. It was good to exercise as well as see the wonderful sights. Walking and meeting village people gave us a better insight into Myanmar and its people.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Well organised

Very good standard of hotels and food. I enjoyed the quality of flexibility and organisation. Experiences provided very well organised. All staff were very helpful.

Golden Trails of Burma          

You get to see real Burma

What I enjoyed was the opportunity to walk in rural areas and see "real life", the fact that you use local guides and services, and that meals are included which reduces the stress of finding somewhere to eat.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Guide was truly wonderful

This was our first holiday with Mountain Kingdoms and we were very impressed. It was well organised. There was no wasted time. We never felt rushed at any of the sights. Nyi Nyi was a truly wonderful guide and really helped to make this such a good trip. He was always very professional but great fun at the same time. Very good at managing the group without seeming to do so. The trip ran like clockwork with no problems at all.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Enjoyable, varied trip

A good mix of cultural highlights and walks to see the country. A more 'morally' correct approach than other tours to the country - I have wanted to go for 10 years but held back until now.

Golden Trails of Burma          

Interesting sights and culture

This is one of the most enjoyable and interesting holidays I've ever had - due to the sights and the culture of the country (plus hotels of a very good standard & wonderful food) - but mainly the personality, knowledge and diplomacy of our guide made this trip exceptional.

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