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In 2017, Mountain Kingdoms MD, Steve Berry, organised and led an expedition into the remote mountains surrounding Gangkar Punsum - the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. Accompanied by an Icon Films film crew and commissioned by Discovery Channel's Animal Planet, Steve's brief was to search for evidence of the Yeti.

Steve first went to Gangkar Punsum in 1986 as the leader of a British mountaineering expedition attempting the first ascent of the world's highest unclimbed peak. They almost reached the summit, but terrible weather forced retreat. Steve has been back a further six times, exploring the east and west sides of the peak. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 he and his friends found strange footprints in the snow. Take a look at the video captured by Steve during his expeditions - Footsteps in the Snow.

Now Animal Planet reveals that Gangkar Punsum may hide a secret of gigantic proportions. Whether you are fascinated by the myths of the mountains or simply appreciate viewing little-visited remote corners of the world, tune in to watch their adventures (first broadcast USA, UK to be confirmed).

Animal Planet presents 'The Lost Kingdom of The Yeti'

Watch Animal Planet USA on Monday 28th May, at 8PM

From the Bhutanese wilderness, scientist and yeti-hunter Mark Evans hears fresh reports of repeated sightings and mysterious prints in the snow. Taking into consideration recent developments in DNA-science that could allow the creature responsible to be identified, Steve Berry and Mark mount a considerable expedition into the Himalaya and take their search for the Yeti further than ever before.

This fantastic film will be shown in the UK in the near future - we will keep you updated. Watch the preview clip by following the link below.

Watch preview clip


Gangkar Punsum Approach Trek, Bhutan

Join our epic trek through the remote mountains of Bhutan

Each year, Mountain Kingdoms offers a 26-day trekking holiday to explore the incredible wild country south of Gangkar Punsum, 7,550m/24,770ft. Follow in Steve's footsteps and trek through stunning mountainous valleys and gain first hand close up views of Bhutan's impressive highest peak.

Next departure: Sun 30 Sep - Thu 25 Oct 2018

Full trip details


Steve Berry’s book, ‘Straight Up’

Read stories about Steve's early expeditions to the Himalaya

Full of tales of high mountain adventures. 'Straight Up' follows Steve’s journey from youthful naivety in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh to his success as part of the first British ascent of Mount Nun, 7,135m/23,410ft, in Kashmir and finishes with the truth of what happened on the failed attempt to climb Bhutan’s highest peak, Gangkar Punsum, 7,550m/24,770ft. 

Add Steve's book to your reading list - a copy of 'Straight Up' can be purchased from our office.

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Bhutan holidays

The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan in the eastern Himalaya, has successfully remained isolated from the outside world for many centuries.  It is a land of supernatural legends, ancient monastery fortresses and, even today, the Bhutanese people live their lives according to time-honoured cultural traditions and deeply held Buddhist beliefs.

The Kingdom is a country full of captivating history, diverse walking and fascinating culture. So, whether you’re after a challenging trek or a unique cultural tour, Bhutan really is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday.  

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Lunana Snowman Trek

35 days, departs: Sep

A challenging, yet rewarding trek, the Lunana Snowman Trek takes you through the remote north of the Bhutanese Himalaya, surrounded by spectacular wild peaks whilst navigating 14 high passes.


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Druk Path Trek

13 days, departs: Oct & Nov

Trek one of Bhutan’s oldest trails and discover superb scenery and stunning mountain views. Plus, visit Bhutan’s must-see cultural highlights and enjoy first-rate camping whilst on trek and well-appointed hotels in Bhutan.


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Hidden Valleys of Bhutan

15 days, departs: Nov

Set off to explore the beautiful valleys of Phobjika and Haa, and trek the lesser-known Bumdra Trail to reach the iconic Taktsang Monastery on our unique new walking holiday. Enjoy varied and interesting day walks and attend a Bhutanese festival.


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