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Worldwide Small Group and Tailor Made Adventure Travel

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  • Moderate
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  • Expedition Grade
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Holiday News and Offers

Here's where you'll find the most up-to-date information about what's happening at Mountain Kingdoms. Check below for details of any upcoming events we are holding, any special offers we are running, any news we've got to share and any holidays that have spaces and are due to run in the next few weeks. You can also sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter.

Pre-trip meets - walk in the Cotswolds

Pre-trip meets - walk in the Cotswolds

Join us for a walk in the Cotswolds. 

If you have booked a holiday with Mountain Kingdoms for 2019/20, you can join us at one of our popular pre-trip meets. They are a great way to meet fellow travellers and some of the Mountain Kingdoms team, and to ask any questions you may have about your holiday. Dates for our 2019 meets are:

  • Saturday 2nd March
  • Saturday 3rd August
  • Saturday 7th September

We organise a 9/10 mile walk in the Cotswolds, ending with refreshments and a presentation. Full details of how to book your place(s) will be sent with your Dossier once you have booked your holiday with us.

Forthcoming speakers at Wilderness Lectures

Forthcoming speakers at Wilderness Lectures

Mountain Kingdoms is pleased to support Wilderness Lectures, a series of audio/visual presentations in Bristol, all with the theme of worldwide adventure, travel and exploration. All of the presenters are widely travelled explorers, mountaineers and well known adventurers. Come along and be inspired!

The next season of Wilderness Lectures is set to commence on the 9th October 2019.

As usual there is a great line up of various well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, cameramen, TV personalities, and generally anyone who has an epic story to tell and wants to share their passion for the wilderness with like-minded people. 

Here is the full line up of speakers:

  • 09 Oct 19 - Sailing - Double Transit of the North West Passage - Bob Shepton 
  • 23 Oct 19 - Adventure - North Korea, A New Era - Jeremy Hunter
  • 06 Nov 19 - Cycling - Around the World in 80 Days - Mark Beaumont 
  • 20 Nov 19 - Adventure - Traverse of the Europe Asia Border - Charlie Walker
  • 04 Dec 19 - Running - The Speaker Who Walks the Talk - Chris Moon
  • 18 Dec 19 - Diving - Underwater Adventures: Beneath the Surface - Andy Torbet
  • 08 Jan 20 - Walking - Walking the Continental Divide - Chris Reeve
  • 22 Jan 20 - TV/Film - The Making of 'Our Planet' - Alastair Fothergill
  • 12 Feb 20 - Adventure - A Journey to Timbuktu in a Flying Car - Neil Laughton
  • 26 Feb 20 - Canoeing - 2,500 Miles through Canadian North - John Harrison
  • 04 Mar 20 - Climbing - Where is the limit? - Tim Emmett
  • 18 Mar 20 - Space - Out of This World - Helen Sharman OBE
  • 01 April 20 - Mountaineering - The Summit is the Goal

For tickets and further information including a detailed synopsis for each lecture please see the Wilderness Lectures website.

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