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Wilderness Lectures, Bristol

By Charlotte Momber on 03 Nov 2019
Categories: Events, Office news, Wilderness Lectures

Wilderness Lectures, Bristol

Mountain Kingdoms is pleased to support Wilderness Lectures, a series of audio/visual presentations in Bristol, all with the theme of worldwide adventure, travel and exploration. All of the presenters are widely travelled explorers, mountaineers and well known adventurers. Come along and be inspired!

Forthcoming speakers at Wilderness Lectures

The next season of Wilderness Lectures has now commenced.

As usual there is a great line up of various well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, cameramen, TV personalities, and generally anyone who has an epic story to tell and wants to share their passion for the wilderness with like-minded people.

Here is the full line up of speakers:

  • 12 Feb 20 - Adventure - A Journey to Timbuktu in a Flying Car - Neil Laughton
  • 26 Feb 20 - Canoeing - 2,500 Miles through Canadian North - John Harrison
  • 04 Mar 20 - Climbing - Where is the limit? - Tim Emmett
  • 18 Mar 20 - Space - Out of This World - Helen Sharman OBE
  • 01 April 20 - Mountaineering - The Summit is the Goal

For tickets and further information including a detailed synopsis for each lecture please see the Wilderness Lectures website.


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Climate Emergency Plan
Climate Emergency Plan

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Michael Rutland returns to tour leading

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