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Trek the Tien Shan - Save £300 on 2019 Treks

Trek the Tien Shan - Save £300 on 2019 Treks

We've lowered the price of our South Inylchek Glacier to Khan Tengri trek by £300.

If you're looking for something different in 2019 then take advantage of our recent price reductions on our Kyrgyzstan trekking holiday - South Inylchek Glacier to Khan Tengri. This incredible trek leads you into the heart of the Tien Shan, where unforgettable mountain views await.

Earlier this year, Marketing Manager, Kerry, travelled to Kyrgyzstan to experience the trek for herself.

"The Tien Shan (the Mountains of Heaven or the Heavenly Mountains) are without doubt one of the most beautiful mountain ranges I have trekked within. At lower altitudes the mountain views are incredible; steep valley slopes are decorated with lush green grass and dense fir trees; glacier melt water flows at speed through picture-perfect valleys and evidence of working nomadic life is all around. At higher altitudes, and in particular on the South Inylchek Glacier, the snow-capped peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains are scenes I will never forget. The journey up the glacier is indeed 'a journey' and a chance to absorb, experience and understand the pure power and meaning of an impressive glacier life cycle. This adventure is one I will always cherish." Kerry Robins, Mountain Kingdoms

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