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Tales of the Yeti - Steve Berry finds new set of tracks high in the Himalaya

By Mountain Kingdoms on 15 Feb 2016
Categories: Bhutan, Office news

Tales of the Yeti - Steve Berry finds new set of tracks high in the Himalaya

Unidentified tracks have recently been found next to the highest mountain in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our MD, Steve Berry, went back to Gangkar Punsum in October 2015 and came across more fascinating tracks to those discovered in 2014.

They were approximately 2 or 3 kms from the place where Steve and Guide Karma Tshering saw the extraordinary tracks in October 2014. Again the prints indicate a creature walking upright on snow placing one foot exactly in front of the other. The really compelling feature of the 2015 footprints is the almost 180 degree turn made on one foot. Steve says, "I find it genuinely impossible to believe that a four legged creature could make a turn like this, and I seriously do not believe a bear could do a sharp turn like this either. I personally believe that it must be some sort of ape-like animal."

Gangkar Punsum lies on the border between Bhutan and Tibet and also happens to be the highest unclimbed peak in the world. In 1986 Steve led a mountaineering expedition to attempt the peak, and although they reached close to the summit the weather forced the team to abandon the climb. Steve has since returned several times - not to climb the peak, but to explore the country around its base. In 2014 he came across a remarkable set of tracks which he believes are of the Migoi (the Bhutanese name for the Yeti) - to read Steve's tales about trekking to the highest mountain in Bhutan, Gangkar Punsum, and his encounter with yeti tracks, click here.

Join our Gangkar Punsum Approach group trek to the same region in October 2016. The party will be carrying a camera trap in the hope of catching the creature on film.


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