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  • Good standard hotel accommodation (3 star) in Cuzco,...

Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain

Walking & Trekking

Cuzco, Peru | Walking & Trekking

Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain New
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      Suitable for fit individuals who have regular experience of mountain walking.

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  • Duration: 16 days from the UK
  • On trek: 8 days Walks on: 1 day
  • Private Departures Available

Flight inclusive from £3515, Land only from £2895

Fabled mountains, Peru’s must-see sights and superb, strenuous trekking through the high Andes.


  • Explore colonial Cuzco and impressive Inca sites including Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Pisac.
  • Step back in time on an acclimatising camping trek in the enchanting Lares region.
  • Walk the final day of the Royal Inca Trail and arrive in Machu Picchu through the iconic Sun Gate.
  • Cross high passes and marvel at the extraordinary colours of Rainbow Mountain.
  • Support local communities in the Ausangate region


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An active holiday that takes you on two of Peru’s best off the beaten track treks, one a first rate camping trek in the lovely Lares Valley and the other a remote lodge trek in the Ausangate region, passing by the enchanting Rainbow Mountain. With a sunrise visit to Machu Picchu, trekking on arguably the best section of the Inca Trail, and time to explore several other remarkable Inca sites, this holiday really does pack a Peruvian punch.

Your time in Peru starts with sightseeing and acclimatisation in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley where you can revel in the beautiful scenery and marvel at the fascinating culture and architecture of the Incas.

Then, stepping away from the crowds you head off on a three day trek in the beautiful Lares region. Here, you follow trails through verdant valleys and over high passes, meeting the friendly local Quechua people who have retained a way of life little-changed through the centuries. Terraced fields are still hand tilled and traditional clothes hand woven from soft alpaca fur. The scenery in the Lares area is outstanding and, as you climb to over 4,400m, you will enjoy breathtaking views across to the peaks of the snow-clad Urubamba mountains.

Returning to the Sacred Valley you then take the train to Km104 to walk the impressive last day of the famous Royal Inca Trail emerging through the Sun Gate to one of the most iconic and arresting views on the planet.

It is then back to Cuzco, before you head off into the mountains again. It is difficult to find praise high enough for the Rainbow Mountain Lodge Trek. The locals consider ‘Apu’ Ausangate – the 6,384m mountain which dominates the landscape, to be a god of alpacas and llamas – its snow-capped summit soars above all others and it will be your majestic companion throughout most of this trek. With four passes of around 5,000m in just four and half days it is tough, but incredibly rewarding. You’ll also have the wonderful bonus of seeing the fabulous multi-coloured 'Rainbow Mountain', one of most visually striking and magnificent geological features in the world. In fact, from the start of the Rainbow Mountain Lodge trek, to finish, you are treated to a constant visual feast. There is also much to enjoy with the local fauna which includes vicunas, alpacas, llamas, bobcats and pumas, and plenty to excite birders too, including Andean geese ‘skating’ on ice. The lodges you stay in are built to a high standard and include en suite bathrooms with hot showers, large living and dining areas with wood-burning stove, and by staying in them you are genuinely making a huge difference to the local community. This lodge trek project trains and employs the local people as lodge keepers, cooks and llama drivers (the llamas carry your kit bags), so you are making a direct, positive contribution to the area through which you are trekking.

As this trek is entirely above 4,000m, you need proper acclimatisation to prevent high altitude mountain sickness, but this won’t be a problem as you will be well acclimatised with the Lares Valley trek beforehand.

Private Departures

Kirsty and Adam on Kala Pattar close up 800x750

Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Private Departures
If you would prefer to travel just with your partner, friends or family, we can arrange a private departure of this holiday. You follow the same itinerary, but travel on dates that suit you. Alternatively we can include elements of this holiday in a bespoke tailor made itinerary. Contact our friendly team for details and prices, and to make a booking.

At a glance



Duration: 16 days from the UK

On trek: 8 days Walks on: 1 day

Max. Altitude: 5,100m/16,732ft, Palomani Pass, Day 12

Private Departures Available

Guaranteed to run for a minimum of 5 clients

Maximum group size: 12

Land only joining city: Cuzco

Accommodation types: Hotels, Camping, lodges

Meal arrangements: Most meals are included. 13 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 12 dinners.

Itinerary overview
Day Activity
1-2 Fly London to Cuzco.
3 Sightseeing around Cuzco including a visit to Sacsayhuaman. Drive to the Sacred Valley.
4 Explore the Sacred Valley with a visit to Pisac ruins and the market.
5-7 Transfer to Totora for start of the Lares trek, On trek via Huchayccasa Pass, Lares and Patacancha Valley, ending at Ollantaytambo.
8 Take the train to Km104 and trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
9 Enjoy sunrise at Machu Picchu with a guided tour. Return to Cuzco by train and vehicle.
10-13 Drive to Chilca Tambo to start the Rainbow Lodge Trek. On trek via Machuracay, Palomani Pass, Anantapata, Rainbow Mountain and Huampococha.
14 End trek and drive to Cuzco.
15-16 At leisure in Cuzco. Fly to UK.
Leader: Local leader, Peru

You will be accompanied throughout your holiday by a local English-speaking guide. These leaders are very knowledgeable and extremely charming and friendly and in their company you will enjoy an insider’s view of Peru.

Local leader, Peru

Holiday Itinerary

Download a detailed itinerary
Day 1 - Fly London to Cuzco

Depart London on your overnight flight to Cuzco.

Overnight icon Overnight: In flight

Day 2 - Arrive Cuzco. Group transfer to hotel. Time at leisure

On arrival in Cuzco you will be met and transferred to your hotel. You are at 3,353m/11,483ft here so for the rest of the day you will need to take it easy to help your body acclimatise to the thin air at this altitude. It is a good idea to rest or maybe explore locally and enjoy your first impressions of this vibrant city.

Cuzco was formerly the capital of the extensive Inca Empire which stretched from Ecuador through to Chile. Today there are still reminders of this Inca city with many foundations and walls of Inca buildings still visible, even when overlaid today by Spanish architecture. Much fine Inca stonework has survived the ravages of centuries of earthquakes and Spanish colonialism. Your hotel is located in the attractive San Blas area of Cuzco, formerly the artisans' quarter and located not far from the attractive Plaza de Armas with its Baroque Cathedral and fine colonial buildings. There are plenty of excellent little cafés on the main square and in nearby streets, some with balconies overlooking gardens, fountains and cobbled streets. In the evening you may eat in one of the many fine restaurants in the area, where really excellent food from a wide range of national cuisines is available. You may find you have the added bonus of sitting alongside a finely worked Inca wall while you eat your dinner.

Overnight icon Overnight: Quinta San Blas Or Similar, Cuzco

Day 3 - Sightseeing in Cuzco. Visit Sacsayhuaman and Tambo Machay and continue to Sacred Valley.

After breakfast you will step out to do some sightseeing, exploring Cuzco's historic city centre, in particular the elegant Plaza de Armas dominated by the majestic cathedral and surrounded by colonial buildings, and continuing to the magnificent Inca Temple of the Sun, the Coricancha, one of the most important and sacred temples in the whole of the Inca empire.

Later you will travel up to visit two of the most celebrated Inca sites in the hills above Cuzco. Firstly Sacsayhuaman, the most impressive of these sites, with its magnificent Inca walls built from huge rocks fitted together with such precision that not even a piece of paper will fit between them. The site was originally thought to be a fortress but more recent theories suggest a great temple to the sun with evidence of an altar and seats cut into the rock. From Sacsayhuaman you can enjoy the fantastic views over Cuzco. Not far from Sacsayhuaman lie the ruins of Tambo Machay. These ceremonial Inca springs or baths are still in excellent condition and comprise several water fountains on three different levels and a rock pool which is ingeniously filled via a hidden channel. This is a very atmospheric spot.

You continue over the hills and descend into the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley, known as Vilcamayo by the Incas, is a beautiful, fertile valley carved by the Urubamba River which flows from the high Andes all the way to the Amazon. High above the valley snow peaks glisten in the sun, while in the fertile fields below local people harvest crops such as maize, quinoa and many kinds of potato - this valley was the breadbasket of the famous Inca Empire. Everywhere there is evidence of earlier Inca settlement with a host of terraces, walls, temples and burial towers in varying states of repair. And marking the opposite ends of the Sacred Valley stand the two remarkable Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

Overnight icon Overnight: Villa Urubamba or Similar, Urubamba

Day 4 - Sacred Valley sightseeing. Explore Pisac town and market.

Today you will spend time in the viridescent Sacred Valley.

In the morning you will head along the Sacred Valley to the town of Pisac, which lies at the eastern end of the valley. Here, situated above the town, is an extensive and impressive Inca hill top complex clinging to the mountain top. The citadel at Pisac was originally positioned on a major Inca route into the Sacred Valley and controlled access to the eastern jungle. The ruins are set high above the valley floor and have tremendous views. Terraces, water ducts and steps are cut out of solid rock, and in the upper sector of the ruins, the main Intihuatana is equal to any of the Inca structures at Machu Picchu. Above the temple lie still more ruins, mostly unexcavated, and among the higher crevices and rocky overhangs several ancient burial sites are hidden.

Pisac town itself dates back to colonial times and has an interesting artisan market where you can check out the local handicrafts and test your bartering skills. Ask you guide to show you the guinea pig 'castle' located in one of the town's bakeries!

Overnight icon Overnight: Villa Urubamba or Similar, Urubamba

Day 5 - Transfer to Totora. Trek/transfer to first campsite on the Lares Trek.

A scenic two hour drive through the Sacred Valley of the Incas takes you to the start of your first trek at the small village of Totora. From here you start walking following an ancient Inca Trail into a narrow canyon where you will find Inca tombs perched high up in the cliffs. Emerging from the canyon you pass through tiny rural communities where it seems time has stood still before reaching a lovely spot where you will have a picnic lunch.

After lunch you are transferred by vehicle to the small and very traditional community of Quishuarari, 3,700m/12,139ft, where you will be camping overnight.

Overnight icon Overnight: Camp

Day 6 - Trek over Huchayccasa Pass 4,300m/14,108ft. Transfer to camp at Chanchacacha. Optional hot springs visit.

This is a stunning day's trekking. You leave camp behind and climb past thatched stone houses surrounded by herds of llamas and alpacas and colourfully dressed local people. You continue up towards the native forests where we support tree re-planting for carbon setting. These Queña forests, which are essential to the future of this area, are bringing back diversity and encouraging many species which had almost become extinct. They are home to more than 150 species, including Andean deer, vizcachas (a cute South American rodent, not unlike a rabbit although not related to them) and several rare species of birds.

A further push and you reach the highest pass on this section of your trip, the Huchayccasa Pass, 4,450 m/14,600 ft to enjoy some really stunning view from the summit. A chain of emerald blue lakes lies beneath you, and in the distance rise the snow clad Urubamba Mountains. Descending through hand tilled potato fields you come to the upper reaches of the ancient community of Cuncani at 3,800m/12,4600 ft. From here your bus takes you in twenty minutes to your camp at Chancachaca, 3,440m/11,286ft.

There is an option in the afternoon to visit the Lares hot springs. These sulphurous yellow mineral springs are located at 3,250m/10,600ft and bathing in them is believed to alleviate rheumatic disorders, arthritis, and bone, joint and muscle pain and many other ailments. They would certainly ease any aches from the day's walk.

Overnight icon Overnight: Camp

Day 7 - Trek to Patacancha Valley via the Ipsaycocha Pass, 4,200m/13,780ft. Transfer to Ollantaytambo.

This is a wonderful day, filled with encounters with local people - men head off to work in the potato fields, wooden ploughs slung over their shoulder, women sit, legs outstretched, weaving their traditional clothes on wooden looms, and small children sit motionless guarding herds of alpaca and llama, their ever faithful dog by their side. You start your trek this morning a fifteen minute drive from camp, to begin the trek towards the final pass. Lying at 4,200m/13,780ft the Ipsaycocha Pass marks the border between Lares and the Patacancha Valley. You start gently and then climb one final steep section to gain the summit. If you are lucky with the weather, you will have spectacular views of Mount Veronica.

You will have lunch by the beautiful Ipsay Lake then follow an ancient trail to the Patacancha Valley and the village of Patacancha where the trek ends.

A vehicle takes you down the valley and to your hotel for the night in Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is an attractive little town located at the western end of the Sacred Valley. The town is built on top of original Inca foundations and is probably the best surviving example of Inca town planning. It is located at the foot of the spectacular ruins of an Inca fortess which protected the way to the lower Urubamba Valley. Here in 1536 Manoc Inca managed to stem the tide of Spanish expansion. This victory was short-lived however when the Spanish returned with four times their previous force. Mano Inca retreated to his jungle stronghold in Vilcambamba and Ollantaytambo fell to the Spanish. The complex was still under construction at the time of the conquest and was never completed. The fortress and town represent some of the best of Inca architecture and construction, with fine examples of beautifully carved polygonal stones and monumental rocks.

Your hotel is located in the centre of town, not far from the train station.

Overnight icon Overnight: Hotel Pakaritampu or Similar

Day 8 - Travel by train to Km104. Trek the Royal Inca Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2,249m/7972m - 5-6 hours.

Another tremendous day with your arrival at iconic Machu Picchu as its climax. From the station at Ollantaytambo you catch a train to Km104 (about 1½ hours). Km104 is the starting point for those taking the short Inca trail to Machu Picchu which is a really wonderful walk in its own right. You cross the Urubamba by a suspension bridge and before starting the ascent proper, visit the recently restored ruins of Chachabamba at 2,396m/7862ft. You then ascend steadily through tropical cloud forest up towards the spectacularly situated Inca ruins called Wiñay Wayna (Quechua for Forever Young) at 2,650m/8,964ft where you join the main Inca Trail. There are wonderful views over the Urubamba Valley from here. Continuing on, you climb more steeply on old Inca staircases, through beautiful terraces, stopping along the way to explore various buildings and water features.

After a picnic lunch you continue on perhaps the loveliest part of the whole Inca Trail. Lush vegetation flanks you on either side, the scent of wild orchids fills the air, and brightly coloured tropical birds flit through the vegetation and fill the air with their song. Soon you will reach a final set of stairs to arrive at Inti Punku, the Gateway of the Sun. As you step through the old stone gate-way, Machu Picchu appears, laid out before your eyes. A truly magical and unforgettable sight. After plenty of photos you walk down through the ruins to catch the bus down to Aguas Calientes, a lively town, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo.

Overnight icon Overnight: El Mapi Hotel Or Similar, Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town)

Day 9 - Return to Machu Picchu for sunrise and a guided tour. Train/drive to Cuzco.

After an early breakfast, you drive the short distance back up the zigzag road to Machu Picchu to get there before the main crowds and also when the light is better for those all-important photos. Machu Picchu is a place that really lives up to expectations; the setting is breath-taking and the ruins themselves are sensational.

For years Machu Picchu was lost to the jungle. Rediscovered in 1911 by the Yale professor Hiram Bingham, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Machu Picchu will exceed all your expectations. You will enjoy a guided tour of the ruins lasting around two hours, covering all the main points of interest such as the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Tomb, the Sacred Plaza and Intihuatana, 'the hitching post of the sun'. You will also have time free to wander amongst the old Inca walls and just sit and take in the scale of the place on your own.

Eventually the time comes to catch the bus back down to Aguas Calientes and to board your train back along the Urubamba River, a lovely train ride through beautiful scenery. You alight from the train and make the final stretch of the journey back to Cuzco by vehicle where you can celebrate the successful completion of the first part of your journey.

Overnight icon Overnight: Quinta San Blas Or Similar, Cuzco

Day 10 - Drive to Chilca, 3 hours, and trek to Chilca Tambo, 4300m/14,104ft - 1½ hours.

Today you leave Cuzco to travel to the start of the Rainbow Mountain Lodge Trek. Firstly you drive towards the Vilcanota Mountain Range, crossing the Abra Pass at an altitude of 4,370 meters. You pass by the city of Sicuani in the Vilcanota valley, from where you continue on a paved road to the village of Checacupe. Here you leave the paved road and drive up to the small Andean community of Chilca from where you start your trek to Chilca Tambo, the first lodge of the Ausangate trek.

From the trek start point you walk for an hour and a half to the first lodge situated at 4,300m. Tea, coffee and a light snack will be served soon after your arrival and you will be allocated your room in the lodge.

Built in 2006, the lodges on this route are very tastefully designed and atmospheric. Rooms are en suite with western-style toilets, a shower and a sink. Bedding and hot water are provided, as is a welcome hot water bottle before you go to bed. You are provided with complimentary biodegradable soap, shower gel and lip balm. Your trekking crew will be with you for the duration of the trek, and this evening you will get a first taste of your cook's cooking with a tasty and nutritious 3-course meal.

If you are lucky and village president may come to play the harp for you after dinner.

Overnight icon Overnight: Lodge

Day 11 - Trek to Machuracay 4,800m/15,748ft - 6-8 hours.

You will have breakfast and then begin your day's hike around 7.00-7.30am. You head up the valley of Upis, where impressive glaciated mountains loom above the valley. The going is fairly easy and very gently rising for the first couple of hours. Before the head of the valley you turn left and begin ascending more noticeably on a narrower trail which leads after another hour or two to a lake. Another hour of climbing brings you to a 4,880m pass, and the beautiful Pucacocha Lake where you will have lunch. In this serene spot there are spectacular views of Santa Catalina Mountain and Ausangate. The crew will usually erect a tent, tables and chairs for you to dine in for lunch. Your walk to the lunch spot usually takes around 5-6 hours, so the snacks you are provided with, plus a full water bottle, will be essential to keep you going.

Throughout your walk today your only other companions are likely to be local shepherds and alpacas and llamas roaming the hillsides. After lunch it is an easy 1-2 hour walk to the lodge. As you leave the lake you have a very brief ascent before descending for about 15 minutes. For the rest of the trail to the lodge you are contouring round the hillside and crossing a long series of moraines, taking in the breath-taking views of the surrounding snow-capped summits including Ausangate, a magnificent but dauntingly technical mountain.

Overnight icon Overnight: Lodge

Day 12 - Cross the Palomani Pass 5,100m/16,733ft and trek to Anantapata, 4,720m/15,485ft - 6-7 hours.

Today is a day where the superlatives for the scenery will run out. There may well be snow today from the moment you leave the lodge. You begin with a demanding, but straight-forward ascent of the Palomani pass, 5,100m, which takes approximately 2 hours. This is the highest point of this trek and of your trip. Throughout your ascent and at the pass you will have truly spectacular views of the intimidating, majestic Ausangate and the distinctive Santa Catalina. After taking the obligatory photographs and soaking up the serene atmosphere, you descend 500m to a stunning lake called Ausangate Cocha - a fabulous place for a lengthy snack break. Here you can marvel at the glaciated south face of Ausangate.

You now begin ascending very gradually and then the trail contours around the hillside for a couple of hours before you reach a small stone building which will usually be your lunch spot - so a total of approximately 5 hours to lunch. You can see the lodge in the distance from this point. From the moment you descend from the pass, the landscape changes and you can appreciate the red sandstone formations of the "Nevado de Inca". A further 1½ hours of undulating trail brings you to your lodge at 4,720m. This lodge differs from all the others in that it is a single storey building, with a lower roof, which makes it considerably warmer!

Overnight icon Overnight: Lodge

Day 13 - Cross two passes of Rainbow Mountain 4,950m/16,076ft and 5,050m/16,569ft and trek to Huampococha 4,820m/15,814ft - 6-7 hours.

Today is a tough day with two passes of around 5,000m to tackle in the morning. It is also an absolutely stunning walk with extremely varied scenery. You begin walking uphill towards the first pass, which is often snow-covered. It takes approximately one hour to reach the first pass, 4,950m/16,076ft, and you may be lucky enough to spot bobcat trails. You are treated to a different, equally spectacular view of Mt. Ausangate at the pass and the jagged peaks of Alcaturi dominate the immediate landscape.

The descent from the pass is fairly steep and can be quite icy so caution is required. The llamas which carry your kit bags make short work of this! The descent finishes at an attractive lake where you will probably see ducks and coots skating on the ice. You then begin your ascent towards the second pass. You climb gradually to a saddle and then contour around the hillside until you reach the second pass at 5,050m. Rising directly from the pass is a striking hill with multi-coloured rock strata - often referred to as 'Rainbow Mountain'. It takes approximately 4½ hours to reach this second pass from the lodge. From here on, the scenery changes and you are treated to the red sandstone and copper hillsides, the signature of the Ausangate trek. You now descend for a short while before a gradual ascent and you then contour on the level, where you can see the famous faces of ancient warriors - use your imagination as you look at the jagged sandstone edges on the hillside. A 30-minute descent brings you to your lunch spot, which is approximately 6 hours from when you left the lodge, so when you spot the lunch tent, it will be a very welcome sight! From here it is approximately 1-1½ hours to the lodge on an undulating trail, contouring around the hillside.

The lodge is in a beautiful situation next to a lake, with a view of snow-capped summits from the dining room. The jagged red sandstone peak above the lodge is called Wayna Anta.

Overnight icon Overnight: Lodge

Day 14 - Trek from Huampococha to Congomire and Checacupe 4,000m/13,124ft -3-4 hours. Drive to Cuzco – approximately 2-3 hours.

You begin ascending to the Anta pass - approximately 45 minutes from the lodge. At the Anta Pass you wave a final 'goodbye' to Mt. Ausangate and from the pass you continually descend to the end of your trek. The descent is very beautiful as the sandstone hills change to limestone. You walk past many settlements with dry stone walls for corrals used for their animals and crops. Here farmers live a simple life in small communities. This terrain is a perfect habitat for vizcachas and you may also spot Andean geese. The very scenic walk down the valley takes approximately 3 hours from the pass, and you will find the descent easy compared with the preceding days. When you reach Congomire your bus will be waiting to drive you back to Cuzco where you may celebrate the successful completion of your trek.

Overnight icon Overnight: Quinta San Blas Or Similar, Cuzco

Day 15 - At leisure in Cuzco until transfer to airport for flight home.

In the morning you can enjoy some free time in Cuzco for last minute sightseeing or shopping. Later you will be transferred to the airport for your overnight flight home.

Let us know if you would like to extend your time with extra nights in Cuzco and more time to explore this remarkable mountain city.

Overnight icon Overnight: In flight

Day 16 - Arrive UK.


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What’s included

  • Economy class return air fares from the UK & UK Departure Tax (flight inclusive bookings)
  • Single, timed, group airport transfers for international flights on arrival and departure
  • Sightseeing where specified
  • Good standard hotel accommodation (3 star) in Cuzco, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Aquas Calientes on a twin share basis.
  • Most meals (except 2 lunches and one dinner in Cuzco)
  • A local English-speaking leader
  • 2 nights full service camping with good quality equipment and all meals
  • Camp staff to carry out all camp work
  • Four nights in good quality Ausangate lodges with all meals.
  • Porterage of your kit bag by porter/pony/llama and porter insurance
  • All road transport by private vehicles
  • Rail fares to Km 104 and from Machu Picchu to the Sacred Valley
  • Trail permit for Royal Inca Trail and park fees
  • Carbon offset for clients taking our flight-inclusive option
  • A free Mountain Kingdoms kitbag.
  • The opportunity to attend one of our pre trek meets in the Cotswolds

What’s not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Sleeping bag
  • Two lunches and one evening meal in Cuzco
  • Optional trips
  • Airport departure taxes (if applicable), excepting UK Departure Tax
  • Tips

Extend your holiday

Puno & Lake Titicaca extension

Puno & Lake Titicaca extension
  • A visit to Lake Titicaca will prove a very worthwhile addition to any trip to Peru.
  • Enjoy a spectacular rail journey from Cuzco with stunning views, climbing to a height of 4,319m /14,170ft before descending to Puno.
  • Get an insight into a unique soceity and culture that has adapted to this harsh but beautiful environment.
More Details

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and set on the high altiplano of Peru at 4,103m/12,507ft it is generally considered to be the highest navigable lake in the world. On this extension you leave Cuzco on a comfortable coach to cross a high pass at La Raya at 4,319m /14,170ft, before descending to Puno, a city on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

The lake itself is starkly beautiful and views of both Lake Titicaca and the mountains beyond are truly spectacular. You will spend a whole day on the lake observing the unique way of life of the people of the Uros Islands before a visit to Taquile Island gives you the opportunity to see how a distinctive and independent minded society has adapted to this harsh but stunning environment. There may also be time to visit the fascinating pre-Inca ruins at Sillustani before catching your flight back to Lima.

Amazon Extension from Cuzco

Amazon Extension from Cuzco
  • Spend 2, 3 or 4 nights deep in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Stay in a choice of jungle lodges.
  • Enjoy a selection of wildlife viewing activities accompanied by expert guides.
  • Fly from Cuzco with all transfers, meals and activities included.
More Details

For a complete contrast to your trek or tour in the Andes why not visit the lush Amazon jungle? A short but spectacular flight will take you over the mountains and down to the Amazon basin. The Amazon basin encompasses nearly 3 million square miles, of which two thirds is covered by rainforest and comprising the largest and most bio-diverse tract of tropical rainforest in the world. For your Amazon extension you will fly to the city of Puerto Maldonado and from there travel down river to your jungle lodge.

We offer a selection of jungle lodges with various standards of accommodation and wildlife experience. You may also choose whether to stay for 2 or 3 nights in the jungle or even a longer more adventurous expedition of 5 days downstream to the Tambopata Research Centre.

Galapagos extension

Galapagos extension
  • 8-day itinerary or 5-day itinerary options
  • Add to the beginning or end of your holiday in Ecuador or Peru
  • Abundance of wildlife including Blue Footed Boobies, giant tortoises and Darwin's finches
More Details

Before or after your trip to Ecuador or Peru why not add on an exciting Galapagos island cruise. Cruise boats in the Galapagos are quite small and tend to get booked up well in advance. If you wish to travel to the Galapagos we would check out available boats in various classes for your dates and could then offer you a choice of boat and itinerary. For more details download the pdf sample itinerary, or contact our office to discuss your options.

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