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United States

United States

For such a vast country America can seem very small, viewed, as it often is, through the distorting lens of a Hollywood movie. Stray away though from the tourist hubs and there is an incredible diversity of landscape and vistas to trek and explore; often in splendid isolation.

The National Parks of the Western States offer some of the most beautiful and iconic scenery anywhere in the world. Utah is particularly blessed with natural wonders, from the intricately carved, multi-coloured rock spires or ‘hoodoos’ of Bryce Canyon to the sheer rock faces and narrow gorges of Zion National Park; and from the vast wilds of Canyonlands, scarred by spectacular gorges, to the deep red hues and delicate rock bridges of Arches National Park.

Needless to say, the stunning scenery continues into the neighbouring state of Arizona where the vermillion rock monoliths of Sedona and Monument Valley create a scene, instantly recongisable from numerous classic westerns. But it is the seemingly bottomless depths of the Grand Canyon and its incomparable beauty that forms the landscape of the most celebrated park in the region. Walking down into a canyon or high onto a rock plateau or butte, gives a perspective that cannot be gained from the roadside.

Our Walking the Grand Canyon & the American Wild West walking holiday will take you to all these iconic national parks and more, with good walks on every day of the holiday and comfortable hotel and lodge accommodation.

By way of contrast, sitting off the West Coast of Canada, lies the largest state in the U.S; Alaska. Its name derives from the Aleut word ‘Alyeska’ meaning ‘great land’ and it is indeed a territory of immense unexplored wilderness and vast diversity. Alaska is also appropriately known as ‘The Last Frontier’ due to these attributes and its physical detachment from the ‘lower 48’ states. 

Think unforgettable scenery bursting with snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, a wealth of wildlife and some of the world’s largest glaciers -  awesome is a word that barely does Alaska justice, and our Wild Alaska Cruise ensures that you see the very best of this epic destination. Step onto islands covered in lush forest, walk across untouched alpine tundra and explore a spectacular rugged coastline where grizzly bears outnumber humans and bald eagles outnumber bears; Alaska is truly a wildlife lover’s paradise.


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