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Switzerland is a small, land-locked country at the crossroads of Central Europe. Although long established as a developed, “industrial” nation about two thirds of the country remains covered with forests, lakes and mountains, making it a natural destination for walkers, cyclists, skiers and other lovers of the great outdoors.

The Alps are the dominant geographical feature of the country stretching across the country from the French border in the west, to the Austrian border in the east. Although only around 20% of the alpine chain lies within Switzerland, the majority of the highest summits are found here, with some 100 peaks close to, or higher than 4,000m/13,125ft, above sea level. The most famous of these are the Matterhorn 4,478m/14,689ft, the Jungfrau 4,158m/13,639ft and the Eiger 3,970m/13,022ft.

Straddling the French-Italian border, the highest Alpine peak of all, Mont Blanc, 4,810m/15,780ft, has proved to be a magnet for climbers since the early eighteenth century and, still today, a summit attempt remains an attainable objective for high-level trekkers and mountaineers. Our Mont Blanc Summit trek offers the very best opportunity to reach the top. And if you’d like to hone your mountaineering skills on the glaciers and high peaks of the Alps, then try our five day Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering.


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