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Situated in South Eastern Europe, Romania is surrounded by a medley of Balkan nations, sharing a section of the Black Sea Coast. Considered a relatively undiscovered country with plenty to tempt the intrepid traveller, from vast and stunning mountain ranges to charming Transylvanian towns, this gem of the east is perfect to explore on foot.
The Carpathian Mountains are a large part of Romania, covering an impressive 1/3 of the country. Mountain walking in Romania has become increasingly popular with Western tourists due to the decline in accessible traditional Balkan culture, which has been preserved in the sparsely populated mountain villages. Combine this with welcoming local people and a back drop of incredible mountains scenery, it’s no surprise that travellers are flocking to this beautiful destination.
The most accessible part of these mountains is The Bucegi Massif, where our trip spends the majority of its time. This range has well maintained and marked paths complimented by a fantastic selection of accommodation. Despite its popularity, it doesn’t take long to find solitude among the mountains. Typical scenery is extremely diverse, from anything to soaring wild peaks, dense forest or alpine meadows carpeted with flowers.
After exploring the Bucegi Massif, the journey continues into The Fagaras Chain, which is the highest range among Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. The Fagaras chain is perfect for ridgetop walking due its drawing feature being a 75km ridge running east to west, dotted with many lakes, including Balea, visited on our trip.

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