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Oman trekking


Unlike glitzy Dubai and austere Saudi Arabia, Oman is an altogether more laid back and hospitable place with friendly people, a lovely coastline, wild mountains and wonderful opportunities for trekking. A visit to this fascinating country will leave you with many unforgettable images: wide landscapes of rugged mountains and deep canyons stretching into the distance; ancient mountain villages clinging to cliff sides or nestling in remote and spectacular wadis; lush oases of swaying date palms fed by ancient irrigation canals; and Bedouin tribesmen leading their camels over desert dunes. These landscapes are overseen by imposing sand-coloured forts which bear witness to Oman’s warlike past and prominent location along the ancient trade routes of the gulf.

There will be other less dramatic images too: the unfailingly friendly welcome of the people and the courteous traditional offering to visitors of Arabic coffee and dates whether in mountain village or simple Bedouin tent; amazing star filled skies over quiet camp sites; palm fringed pools in deep canyons; and the peace and tranquillity of wild and remote mountains with just the sound of the wind for company.

There are also many ways to experience the delights of Oman: by trekking across the desert landscapes, riding camels over the Wahiba sands, haggling in the bustling souks, swimming in the warm Arabian seas, touring the mosques and palaces of Muscat and ending with a romantic trip on a dhow.  The wonderful thing is, you can do all of this in just one trip on our Mountains and Deserts of Oman trekking holiday.

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