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Indian Himalaya

Indian Himalaya

The Indian Himalaya is a diverse and captivating part of the world, perfect for cultural explorations and challenging trekking. Encompassing most of Ladakh and Sikkim, and crossing a total of 10 Indian states, the vast size of the Indian Himalaya means it’s easier to find your way off the beaten track, making it the perfect place for remote trekking.

Situated in Northeast India, the state of Sikkim is right in the heart of the Himalaya, bordered by its Himalayan neighbours, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. It offers a variety of trekking opportunities, including the classic Singalila Ridgetop Walk and the challenging wilderness trek to Green Lake.

Ladakh is a region bursting at the seams with mysterious history, vibrant culture and some of the most remote trekking trails in the world. This mixture of highlights make Ladakh great place to explore. Experience the charming culture and ancient architecture on a Cultural Tour, or walk among the remote Himalaya scenery on a dream trek in Zanskar

Whether it’s a tour, walking holiday or a trek, there is something to offer every keen traveller.

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