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Only created as a nation state in 1830, Greece’s history actually stretches back millennia. The cradle of Western civilization, ancient Greece’s contribution to our modern-day society is incomparable. It is considered to be the birthplace of democracy and the Olympics as well as western literature, drama and philosophy. Greece’s rich historic legacy is also reflected in its 17 impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Situated at the southernmost point of Europe, Greece consists of a highly mountainous peninsula together with thousands of islands dotted around the surrounding seas. On the southern tip of the mainland sits the capital Athens renowned for its numerous archeological treasures including the Acropolis – the most famed of all its ancient wonders.

Of all the Greek islands, Crete is the largest and most southerly and forms a significant part of Greece’s cultural heritage. Once the centre of the Minoan civilization, it has many historic sites to enjoy as well as its own distinctive cuisine, music and poetry.

Bathed in the warm Mediterranean sun, Crete also offers many options for great walking holidays due to its wonderful coastal scenery, idyllic villages and mountainous landscapes. The many highlights of Crete can be discovered on our White Mountains & Emerald Seas trekking holiday. Here we visit the enchanting Venetian harbor town of Hania, before enjoying gentle walks through picturesque villages, along attractive coastal paths and into the magnificent Samaria gorge.


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