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Ethiopia trekking holidays and tours

Ethiopia trekking holidays and tours

Renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage, Ethiopia has numerous points of interest to intrigue and delight travellers. Starting in the capital Addis Ababa, a visit see ‘Lucy’, the 3.2 million year old hominid skeleton, is a reminder that Ethiopia is often described as the ‘Cradle of Civilization’. Beyond the capital, Lalibela, Axum and Gonder are Ethiopia’s other pre-eminent cultural sights.  Known as ‘Africa’s Petra’, and one of Christianity’s greatest historical sites, Lalibela is rightly famed for its unique churches, hand carved from red volcanic rock and still thriving centres of worship today. Axum, is the ancient capital of the longstanding Axumite kingdom and one of the most important sites in Africa.  Here can be found many spectacular, towering granite stelae, underground tombs and palace ruins. Equally fascinating is Gonder, often described as ‘Africa’s Camelot’ and home to a dozen castles built by various emperors over the course of 236 years. 

Alongside these many wonders of the ancient world, Ethiopia has natural wonders that are equally as captivating. The Simien Mountains is the premier national park for both scenery and wildlife and a superbly rewarding environment for keen trekkers. Our Simien Mountains & Ras DashenTrek will take in all the germs of the park including the endemic wildlife havens of Sankaber, Geech and Chenek; Ethiopia’s highest mountain Ras Dashen, 4,550m/14,928ft, and the little-trekked, and culturally interesting, villages in the north of the National Park. 

For those looking for less strenuous adventure, the short walks and drives on our Historical Ethiopia & the Simien Mountains cultural tour will also reveal much of the wild beauty of the area including the mischevious Gelada baboons and Walia Ibex – two of the parks best known inhabitants. Away from the mountains, the impressive Blue Nile Falls and tranquil Lake Tana offer a relaxing end to a memorable holiday to Ethiopia.

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