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What Will Children Love About Annapurna Family Adventure Holidays?

Elephants, Annapurna Family Adventure. Photo courtesy of L Denniff

Trekking in the Himalaya is a firm favourite among adults who love mountain adventures, but children can also get a lot out of the experience – and there’s plenty more to do besides walking! Our Nepal-bound family adventure holidays include exploring colourful Kathmandu, trekking in the Annapurna range, rafting on the Trisuli River and going on safari at the Chitwan Jungle Lodge – plenty to keep both grown-ups and little ones enthralled for a full 12 days. Elephant safari at Chitwan Jungle Lodge: family adventure holidays are a great way to get close to these magnificent animals.

For youngsters that enjoy camping, the foothills of the Annapurna range are the perfect combination of gentle trekking and eye-widening scenes of massive mountains. You may be surprised at how readily your children take to new surroundings and a simpler lifestyle, and at their readiness to befriend and play with the delightful local children. This portion of our family adventure holidays is led by an expert Sherpa guide, assisted by a team of porters who are skilled at carrying amazing loads in cane baskets on their backs – baskets that a child can comfortably ride in, should they get tired.

With its striking gorges, snowy scenery and mix of gentle stretches and more dramatic rapids, Trisuli River is one of Asia’s most popular rafting destinations. Our Annapurna family adventure includes a day of rafting on this stunning river, which also has a wealth of legends associated with it. Imaginative youngsters will relish the thought that the Hindu god Shiva created the river by driving his trident into the ground to create the three springs that make up the river’s source – hence the name, derived from Trishula which means ‘trident of Shiva’.

Animal-loving children and parents are in for a treat at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, where they can get close to big game animals of the Indian subcontinent in their natural habitat. Our family adventure holidays in Nepal include two full days at the lodge, allowing visitors to try a range of exciting safari options: wildlife walks, jungle drives, and elephant trekking!

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