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Visas for Trekking in Nepal

Hi! I'm Rosanna

I have now sorted out both my Indian and Nepali visas. The Nepali visa was very easy to get, I sent off for it and it came back to me within 5 days! 

The Indian visa however was a bit of a palaver. The website is rather complicated and the helpline is a premium number - I had a huge shock when I saw my phone bill!I know quite a number of people going on the Everest trek were also confused by the website. I was worried that it wouldn't get processed in time so I sent my documents to my father in London who took them to the visa application centre.Luckily, he was there for just 20 minutes and they said it would be processed in 3 working days. I picked it up yesterday. Doing it this way was completely hassle free. If you can do it, going to the visa centres in person is so much easier than doing it online!

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