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Hiking in the Lake District

With the Everest Base Camp trek in a few weeks, I'm getting quite excited about the prospect of tackling the massive mountain, but I'm also rather worried about my lack of climbing experience! This weekend I'll be going to the Yorkshire Dales, but so far this year, so far I've only climbed one mountain. That was in the Lake District with Dave; it was an interesting experience.lake district
Half an hour of climbing felt like two hours. It was exhausting, but getting to the top felt amazing and so worth it, especially for the spectacular views! At the bottom of the mountain it was very lush and green, but as we climbed closer to the top it got colder and once we were there, it was amazing to see that the lake had frozen and it was snowing!snow in the lake district
Although I was wearing walking boots, the rest of my attire wasn' particularly suitable: jeans, a pashmina, and a hoodie, topped off with a ski jacket. The rain and moisture made the red dye from my scarf run all over my top. I borrowed Dave's waterproof trousers (which were massive and wouldn't stay up!) but they helped all the same.I'm very glad I had this experience as it gave me a very small taste of what it may be like on the way to Everest Base Camp, which will be much tougher!

We climbed up Red Pike Mountain which is 826m (2710ft). I found it pretty tough partly because it was raining the whole time, but also because Dave decided to make his own route up - we didn't follow a path/advised routes. We started by climbing past a sign saying "Danger! Do not climb" and then proceeded to scramble up a waterfall! I wasn't too impressed, especially when we got to the top of the waterfall and there was a demented sheep in our path!


I wouldn't have been able to manage the walk had it not been for Kendal Mint Cake - a fudge textured energy bar made almost entirely of sugar (100% carbohydrate!) but tasting like peppermint. It was used in the first British expedition to the summit of Everest. Dave introduced it to me about half way up the mountain - it was a saviour! I've got an incredibly sweet tooth so I am a massive fan of the Mint Cake.

kendal mint cake by groc

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